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So long! Dear Brother

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

A few days ago, 82 years old Sardar Harbans Singh Khanduja ji (HB) went for a swim, returned to his hotel room in Goa and lay down on his bed and went to sleep for ever.

Most beings, simply come and go into this world without ever, creating even a ripple. Unsung and uncelebrated they are soon forgotten.

Some beings with their thoughts and deeds emit an aura that pervades our very existence, and seem impossible to forget. Mentor and friend our noble eldest brother HB was such a being.

Witty, smart, intelligent, helpful and gracious to a fault, its impossible not to fall and remain in love with this wonderful man.

Free with his advice, wealth, love and compassion, he seems to belong to a fabled bygone era.

For many he was the person to go to for when you needed advice or assistance. Though he was always busy working, travelling all over the world, and taking care of his wife Jeeti ji, he miraculously found time for almost everyone in his life.

Born in Burma, educated at Harvard, HB was a global citizen, with friends and associates in almost every country. He was an individual, who always delivered more than he promised enriching the lives of his friends, family and associates.

He would sometime ask me for small favours and seek my advice on various matters, not because he needed to, but he wanted to relieve me of my burden of gratitude. He wanted me to feel that I had given something in return for the kindness he bestowed upon me.

God it seems took special care in giving us all a wonderful being like HB. I pray that He will receive and accept him back with the same special care and grant his soul peace.


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0475

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