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The Abduction of Europa

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

The abduction of Europa ~ Created by Lluís Ribes Mateu

The Israel-Palestine issue has raised hackles across the world but most of all in Europe, which has a significant and rapidly increasing Muslim population.

Though false the story spread widely and rapidly on social media because it fit the stereotypical perception of Muslim migrants.

I wondered why many across the world, particularly people in Europe so readily choose to believe the worst about Muslims. Then I remembered the story of the abduction of the Phoenician princess, Europa by Zeus. The continent of Europe is named after her.

In Greek mythology, Zeus, the king of the Gods was enamoured by the Phoenician princess Europa.

Zeus transformed himself into a magnificent tame white bull and mixed in with her father's herds. Then seizing an opportunity he attracted Europa and abducted her, carrying her on his back, swam to the island of Crete where he revealed his true identity. Then he forced himself upon her.

Maybe the ancient Greeks foresaw the fate of Europe as a violent land constantly being abused by men since known history.

With the advent of organised religion first Christianity and then Islam, Europe has been bathed in blood.

The 'religion of peace' and the 'religion of love ' have been fighting and massacring not only others but also members of their religion who were not the right type of Christian or Muslim.

Violence and intolerance threw Christian Europe into the dark ages for over 300 years (14th to 17th century). Beginning in the 16th century and with its subsequent rise Protestant Christianity led Europe into an age of European enlightenment. There was a flowering in science, literature, art etc.

One would have expected that a great civilisation would emerge, but what predominantly emerged was more advanced ways of waging war and causing destruction.

In a short time, Europe developed a toxic form of political and military thinking. This led to the production of advanced lethal weapons to efficiently slaughter men and to enslave and colonise other lands and people. To plunder and ravage their lands and people.

With technology on their side, the Europeans drove the Muslims back to North Africa and East Asia. With the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim world was further diced up into smaller pieces and then populations were forced to coexist with traditional foes.

People and tribes incompatible with one another were tossed together into nation-states or kingdoms where they, as designed to do so constantly squabble with one another, perpetually weakening them.

These new states and kingdoms were forced to abandon their centuries-old functionally stable social, cultural, political and governance models to adopt ill-suited alien European practices. This was imposed by the West to continue to dominate and exploit the parts of former empires and more.

Is it any wonder that Muslims particularly of the Middle East and Africa want to be free from the yoke of foreign influences? Unfortunately, they are doing it the only way they know, violence and destruction.

The focus of Islamic leaders and clerics is to revert to and adopt a 1000-year-old mindset and practices. Naturally, it's doomed to fail, because no amount of passion can overcome the power of knowledge, science and technology-driven economic and military might.

The Muslims have survived so far because of their tenacity and cunning. They know there is no hope of military or economic conquest. They have pinned their hopes on demographic and political victory over not only the West but the whole World.

Just like the Christians relentlessly pursued Christendom before, Muslims have been warring to overpower Kafirs to create Dar-e-Salam (the global land of Islam).

Anyone who stands in the path of this objective, be it Muslim or infidel has to be neutralised or destroyed. And that is the creed constantly taught and reinforced, drilled and rammed into the hearts, and minds of every Muslim by their clerics and political leaders. This indoctrination begins in the cradle and is reinforced daily and constantly throughout their lives.

These conflicts are created and nurtured not to build a better world but rather to create opportunities for the elites. The elites carry the banner of religion, democracy, capitalism, communism, socialism, patriotism, nationalism etc. to disguise their hidden motive of acquiring more wealth and power. Witness it everywhere.

They encourage conflict and mass migration to change demographics and acquire power through democratic means peppered with violence and intimidation in all open societies. Europe is the most vulnerable of them all.

Europe increasingly a socially dysfunctional continent is going to meet the same fate that Europa met. Travelling along its present trajectory, Europe may soon become 'Eurabia' a Muslim Europe.

As we witness the rise in the levels of conflict in Europe between Islam and its twin enemies of secularism and Christianity one is reminded of the phrase, 'As you sow, so shall you reap'. Europe it seems is getting back what it has been dishing out for centuries.

Could the spreading Israeli-Hamas conflict just be the beginning of a new chapter in the longest-running world war between the Kafir haters and the Islamaphobes?


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