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The man who wants to be Caliph.

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

To understand the situation in Afghanistan we must closely examine the prime manipulator and terror state called 'Pakistan'.

Pakistan is a totalitarian theocratic militant state disguised as a democracy. The stated motto of the Pakistan army is, it is 'The army of Allah', and Pakistan's stated mission is to build a global Islamic state using Jihad.

Jihad cannot be executed without the support and participation of the Mullahs (Islamic clergy). That is total intolerance of all Kafir and their destruction by whatever means possible.

Their view of kafir is not only all non Muslims but also the wrong or imperfect type of Muslims, and Muslims who dare to question, or attempt to leave Islam.

Thus from its very inception, Pakistan's rulers have been waging war against Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, etc. That is why the military dominates all affairs in Pakistan. Wars require not only armies but weaponry, and funds. That is why Pakistan has been acting as a mercenary army for anyone who wants to purchase violence and spread destruction and trouble.

That brings us to the question of Pakistan and the Islamic world's leadership.

The highest goal a Muslim leader can aspire for, is to be Caliph. That is to be the political, social, military, economic and religious leader of the entire Islamic world.

Imran Khan (age 69 yrs) PM of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan contends that he should be Caliph. After all Pakistan has the largest and well trained army and to boot it is the only nuclear power in the Islamic world. Large population of doctors, engineers, IT professionals, skilled craftsmen and comfortable with the English language.

Imran Khan, a charismatic man, who speaks well (not necessarily sensibly) comes with a distinguished family background and is the former captain of Pakistan's cricket team ( a religion of sorts for Pakistanis). He has raised significant amount of money for the construction of several hospitals, and some other social initiatives. His social capital until now has been rather good.

In spite of all his positive traits the forays of the political party PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) founded and led by Imran in 1996 had been unsuccessful. With no organisational depth it chose to partner with hardcore religious groups who have huge number of blind followers for support. This alliance gave PTI leverage and it made some political gains but not enough to win the 2013 elections. Imran and the PTI's fortunes turned favourable when the Pakistan Army and its infamous spy agency the ISI decided to openly support the partnership formed between PTI and the hardcore Islamic groups. The army either cracked down, arrested, detained or eliminated anyone from Pakistan's main political parties who dared to stand against the army's chosen PTI or religious party candidates. The army rigged the 2018 elections to favour Imran Khan.

As a result Pakistan has a coalition government led by PTI. The problem is that Imran Khan owes his success to the army and to the religious groups and this makes him hostage to them.

Imran Khan detests democracy seeing it as an obstruction to his dream of establishing 'Riyasat -e - Medina' an Islamic State just like the Muslim prophet Muhammad had done. His actions clearly indicate that he is keen to use democracy to sabotage democracy and the army and rise to great power on the back of religious parties and their fanatical ideology.

With elements in the Pakistani army and ISI impatient for Jihad, Imran Khan has been nurturing the Taliban and other militant groups to overpower the current Pakistani military leadership structure and make it more suitable for open Jihad. The Taliban in Afghanistan as planned by Imran Khan would be its stable for providing endless supply of Jihadis.

Witness Imran's eagerness to work with the Taliban, in fact supporting the non inclusion of other Muslims in Afghanistan's government. His eagerness to win over the TTP (Tehrik -e- Taliban Pakistan), the political and government indulgence of Jihadi and fanatical religious group like the TLP (Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan) permitting them to disobey, defy, and violently overpower the civilian government of Pakistan.

Imran is often disparagingly called 'Im the dim', but his actions indicate an intelligent man playing for very high stakes. Imran wants to be the new Caliph and he wants to unite and lead the Sunni Muslim religious groups with help of religious zealots in the army and ISI to overthrow the Pakistani Armed forces and the civilian government This is the picture that emerges when one analyses his actions within and outside of Pakistan. Imran may simply be disposed off by either the army or the radicals if he persists, but the lure of becoming Caliph is simply too great.

The Situation in Pakistan

Political parties and the army in Pakistani have been nurturing Islamic radical groups for decades. The tail is now wagging the dog, the question is 'which dog will this tail wag?'

Will the religious groups in Pakistan and the Taliban in Afghanistan back Imran Khan who portrays himself as a Messiah albeit a weak, corrupt, ineffective, duplicitous leader (see his stand on Uyghur Muslims) or the Army which has the capacity to destroy the fanatics if the power of the army itself is threatened.

The TTP is causing havoc in Pakistan attacking the army, and TLP protestors are marching on Islamabad in the tens of thousands killing policemen. No one knows whether Imran Khan or the Army are behind them or they are running amok.Is it that the religious fanatic parties have indicated an alternate third option which they are working towards to dump the Civilian government, the army and Imran Khan's PTI.

Pakistan and Afghanistan are well on their way marching back in time to an era 1,400 years ago and whatever be the going ons it will not be good for them and the world.

The dream of Islamic Caliphate (Global Islamic State) is destroying Afghanistan and Pakistan. If by great misfortune, should Imran or the religious fanatics succeeds in this insane project we might witness the establishment of a Pakistani led Caliphate and Imran Khan as its first Caliph.

If global community and effected parties just sit on their backsides, fretting and twiddling their thumbs, we can expect endless wars and pointless global Jihad for the rest of this century.

Imran's and the Pakistani army's plan is to keep Afghanistan and Pakistan in turmoil and gradually align all powers that be to submit to their dictates. The world will have to simply wait and watch as megalomaniacs and fanatics run amok, great powers like America, Russia and China jostle for control and exploit benefits from the crisis.

Their actions have made it a very bad time to be an ordinary Pakistani or an Afghan, probably in many places in the world even to be simply Muslim.


This is the fifth part on Afghanistan.

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