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The original sinister motive for imposing lockdowns

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

The age old phrase, 'Divide and Rule', it is actually a counter to 'Unite and Revolt'.

A study of history shows that in order to people to revolt, there needs to be a sharing of information about injustice or perceived atrocities, followed by discussions and debates to flare up of tempers, physical assembly of larger groups to mobilise and march against the institutions of power that the people oppose. Finally to bring down the regime.

That is why all revolutions take birth when there is little or no control on freedom of assembly, speech and movement, of individuals and groups.

Any place where crowds routinely converge and actively interact with each other usually under a central figure or group lends itself to be mobilised into action within a very very short time.

Towns and cities, are where revolutions take birth, especially in places of education, or in work places where many people gather in routine, and are familiar with one another.

In work places such as factories, trade unions can initiate action paralysing work and society such as the Polish shipbuilding workers in Gdansk, got Poland its freedom from oppressive communism, to achieve regime change.

Educational institutions and universities across the world have provided the tinder for sparking and sustaining revolutions, that ended the rule of monarchs, dictators and even democracies. The 1978 Iranian revolution religious schools called Madrasahs as in Iran is one prominent example.

Soldiers in their barracks, can suddenly gather around an idea and revolt as the Indian soldiers did against British rule in India in 1857 called the first war of Independence. as did Pakistani soldiers and Egyptian soldiers did against their rulers and government in military coups.

Places of worship where people gather to pray collectively and take guidance from priests and clergy can also easily be mobilised into action. That is why in many countries, including Saudi Arabia, the doors of the mosques are unlocked only for prayers and then shut again, providing little or no opportunity for discourse.

China goes as far as to permanently padlock churches, mosques and monasteries.

The Chinese population has been reeling since past few years has been hit socially, politically and economically both by government policies, and natural calamities. So when the Wuhan coronavirus leak occurred, Chinese leaders were terrified that the suffering people would rise up against the tyranny of the CCP regime.

The CCP launched brutal lockdown protocols, locking people in their homes, in many cases without food and heating etc. The reasons advanced by China's communist regime was that lockdowns were essential to contain the spread of the virus.

The lockdowns were actually rapid action drills to isolate people and unrest among the population, even in very large towns and cities in a matter of hours. These drills provided reassurance to the regime, that at no time in the present or in the future the people would mobilise to oppose tyranny and injustice.

China because of its massive security apparatus (it spends more on internal security that on external defence and aggression) coupled with its total control over information networks and media was able to fool the world about the effectiveness of lockdowns.

Chinese Communist Party is a tyrannical regime. Tyrants always feel highly insecure and remain fearful of the rise of their own people. For protecting their regime and rule, the CCP did what it deemed necessary.

Senselessly governments in almost every other country followed lockdown practices, destroying their own economies and damaging their societies, some so severely that it will be decades before they will achieve normality without huge economic and social debt burdens

Because lockdowns were carefully orchestrated China was able to rebound rapidly, unfortunately most economies including leading economic powers are still struggling to get back on their feet leave alone cope.

Studies and experts had warned that lockdowns like those implemented in China were not the answer, but when vested interests supported by the media perpetuated such panic that fearful people were ready to do anything they were ordered to do.

Now proof has emerged from various sources including John Hopkins that lockdowns were and are ineffective Lockdowns only reduced COVID-19 death rate by 0.2%, study finds: 'Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand'.

Wisely, like several other sensible governments, the Indian government too has not mandated lockdowns this time around, and the system has been able to gear up to cope with the situation with a very large majority of the population going in for self isolation with the cooperation of employers, educational organisations and society in general.

Coronaviruses have been with humans for a long time and will remain so going in the future. There is no cure for the virus, doctors can only treat the complications that arise from the infection. We can at best look after the mental, physical and spiritual health of our loved ones.

Blinkered creatures perched on the citadels and parapets of world media crowed about the unfolding mega crisis in India and the incompetence of the Indian people, scientists, doctors, organisations and government to handle such a gigantic crisis, have been proven to be outright nonsense.

It is amazing how well and resiliently the Indian people and the government have performed to overcome this Wuhan Coronavirus. It is now time to rebuild our world, without further lockdowns.


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