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The war in Ukraine, is not even about Ukraine

Updated: May 5, 2022

The world stands on the brink of a World War.

The conflict in Ukraine is not even about Ukraine. It's about great power rivalry. The American led West against the Russian led powers of the East. Both groups dragging many other nations across the globe into seemingly an insane but in reality a sinister conflict.

As a result the war is not just claiming lives and property as much as it is destroying souls and damaging humanity.

Why is this happening?

The world was ruled for 400 years by European empires like Britain, France, Spain, Germany, the Dutch, Portugal, etc.

Unrestrained arrogance and greed of European rulers, leaders and business interests led to numerous conflicts and culmination in two World Wars. This greatly weakened Europe and their empires.

A shrewd America used her vast natural resources and industrial power to supply almost half the weapons, ammunition, and goods used in these wars and subsequent reconstruction to both the warring sides. As a result America emerged smelling of roses and with a halo, immensely powerful at the expense of a conceited and self destructive Europe. European power has been declining ever since, yet it remains a powerful force in the world.

America has been a rising power from the 1800s to 1970s. On the other hand from 1991 onwards it has been slowly declining. How so?

In a unipolar world, America after the collapse of the USSR, from 1991 has chosen to drive rather than lead the world.

America has sought puppets and vassals everywhere and thus interfered in the internal affairs of almost every country, citing human rights abuse and many other genuine and cooked up charges to effect regime change etc.

Constantly embarking on ill conceived wars without causes, rather under various guises of protecting democracy, human rights, 'war on terror' etc. in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya etc. America has frittered away its wealth and resources and squandered the tremendous goodwill it had earned at the end of the second World War and the Cold war.

America has shut down much of its manufacturing base, selling or transferring most of its manufacturing assets overseas to places like China, Taiwan, etc. As a result only a very small percentage of Americans have really progressed in the past 30 years, with most of the middle and lower classes witnessing a continuous downward trend in the quality of their lives.

Technology companies, financiers on Wall Street, Energy sector particularly oil and gas and the Military Industrial complex which churns out vast amounts of weapons to fuel conflict everywhere are doing extremely well. The rest of America, barring sectors like healthcare, Pharma and Universities is doing rather poorly.

The two greatest threats to American hegemony are the ascendency of Chinese soft and hard power and the ever increasing ties in the Russo-German and Sino-Russian partnerships.

The people now in the Biden administration are globalists with a particular fixation against Russia. Rather than focus on China, these leaders have embarked on a strategy to 'force American in, throw Russia out and keep Germany down (along with rest of Europe).'

This has been a long term American project now hijacked by Globalists using American power for personal benefit and power. Ukraine is just an excuse. That is why American leaders with their British puppets have been provoking Ukraine to engage in conflict rather than seek accommodation and peace with its more powerful neighbour Russia. These Globalist leaders want to degrade and destroy Russia by sacrificing every possible Ukrainian citizen, resource and drown Ukraine in perpetual debt to the West, (most of weapons and aid are actually loans that have to be repaid for by Ukraine at some future date).

What are the designed consequences of this American adventure?

  • American Military Industrial complex will sell US$ 20 trillion worth of weapons to Europe, America itself and American allies over next decade, placing a heavy burden on European and American taxpayers.

  • Shift European dependency from cheap Russian Oil to costlier American oil (about 60% higher), with higher transportation costs.

  • Shift European dependency from cheap Russian natural gas to costlier American LNG (liquified natural gas) which will increase energy costs by 3 to 5 times.

  • Shift European dependency from Russian and Ukrainian agricultural products to American ones. This is particularly important as a looming conflict with China may damage American farm product export markets and hence the need for America to find new markets.

  • Reassert complete American dominance across Europe and the world.

But this American adventure is being transformed into a giant misadventure both for Europe and America. What are the likely consequences of this misadventure?

  • Ukraine as we know it will be wrecked. It will be a dependent country requiring about US$ 100 billion per year for a decade just to stay afloat. Who do you think will pay for this? Obviously the European taxpayers.

  • The re-emergence of Russian military, economic and political power that will greatly surpass Europe within a few years and in a decade rival that of America.

  • The world will witness a greater and faster rise of Chinese hard and soft power.

  • The weakening of United States dollar, Euro and European currencies as reserve currencies. Thus depriving these countries of the unending supply of cheap money which has funded and afforded to the West their unaffordable high standard of living and military adventures.

  • We will witness the decline of the US dollar as the primary global reserve currency and also the decline of the Euro, Swiss France etc, based on the actions taken by the American and European governments to seize sovereign forex reserves. After all the foundation of all financial systems is trust. Once that is damaged or in doubt it brings the system down.


"History does not repeat itself, it rhymes" ~ Mark Twain

History teaches us that nothing lasts for ever, not even great and powerful empires.

America and Europe, rather than using their power and wealth, the trust of the world for good, tragically have allowed their unscrupulous leaders to use that very power for destruction and misery.

As a consequence Europe as an economic, and political power will now witness rapid decline and American will no more be able to remain the undisputed economic, political and military leader of the World.


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