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Vulgar Business

We live in a world, where money is all pervasive. Money is not only a passport for good living, it is essential for survival.

In spite for their craving for it, every class, group and community, society shows great disdain and disrespect for earning money barring one group, the business community.

Society hails soldiers, politicians, educationists, social activists, artists, performers, farmers and craftsmen, but despises business people.

Yet the success of every great society or civilisation has always rested on how efficient and astute were its merchant and industrial class. Almost all infrastructure built and services provided within societies was and is funded significantly by the taxes on the merchant/ manufacturing class and their employees.

Business people generate wealth, by creating markets for their ideas and products, attract employees and other resources, then deploy their own precious capital. They slog for incredibly long hours to achieve their goals. Business people are incredibly tough for they take enormous risks, while simultaneously coping with all sort of dangers to themselves and their business from dacoits, thugs and criminals, both within and outside the government.

Bureaucrats, government employees, etc. may be important but they earn nothing and only consume wealth earned by others.

Business people create wealth. They provide the wheels, grease and the energy that keep a society, and nation running.

Then why are the business people and the merchant class so despised?

Business is a matter of the mind and intellect and not of the heart. A businessman to be successful has to be, ruthless and efficient.

Businessmen are by nature competitive and that makes them aggressive, often loud and flashy.

Businessmen value time and resources. They dispense with rituals, and formalities thus they are usually blunt which is often misunderstood as being rude and lacking 'class'. This pushy behaviour irritates others.

Bureaucrats, politicians, government employees, hold powerful and responsible positions in society and occasionally even work, but rarely do the lose their money, home or reputation because of a mistake in their thinking and actions. However a businessman often does lose everything, sometimes branded a criminal and hauled off to prison.

Business, commerce and business people generally compromise 10% of the population, but they are indispensable to 100% of society.

The remaining 90% of the population envy the business community. Exercising the tyranny of the majority, as is often the great flaw of democracy, many will support any political action that will immorally confiscate the wealth of the 10% and give it to the 90%.

Nothing can be more destructive and absurd than a society that considers producers and creators of wealth as evil, while considering non producers, and consumers of wealth as noble. Sadly in democracies it has become the norm.

Governments are by nature obstructive, but Socialist governments are the worst. They use very possible law rule, regulation to create hurdles, impose undue hardship on the business community to stop them from earning wealth. Then tax them heavily on what they earn.

Business people may sometimes be unlikeable, but their contribution is often worthy of respect.

A society that fails to support its merchant and business community is doomed to become enslaved by others or worse, perish.


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