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War is coming to the Middle East

'History does not repeat itself but it certainly rhymes'.

Israeli PM Netanyahu ordered attacks on Gaza, claiming that the brutal 7th October attack on Israel and its people by Hamas was Israel's 9/11 attack.

Now the frenzied hordes in Gaza and Israel are thirsting for blood. Leaders and countries are sharpening their swords for the inevitable clash between themselves and their designated enemies.

America and Europe have begun mobilising their forces not so much to support Israel's attack Hamas in Gaza but to wage war against Iran.

They intend to change the regime in Iran, and eliminate the bulk of Palestinian fighters based primarily in Gaza and the Hezbollah in Lebanon by military force. This means war is imminent.

Regime changes in Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen are also in the works, but these are secondary objectives.

Mossad and CIA have baited the overzealous and excitable Palestinian leadership of Hamas to attack Israel.

This was just the spark that the Americans and Israelis desired to garner support for a response. Now Iran in spite of its denials is being repeatedly dragged to centre court as the protagonist of this attack by the West and Israel.

The brutal Hamas attack on Israel widely publicised by themselves designed to enflame the Muslim world and mock its opponents has conveniently provided the Americans and Israelis legitimacy to retaliate in the fiercest of ways.

The fuse to the Middle East powder keg has been lit and events of great horror is going to be witnessed.

How will the war unfold?

Hardcore elements in Israel are baying for blood and demand that Israel enter Gaza even if that is fraught with danger and loss of moral advantage. In the larger scheme of things the attack on Gaza will be just a feint whilst the Israelis and Americans get into position to go on the offensive against Iran and its proxies and allies.

Nuclear submarines carrying a vast arsenal of ballistic and cruise missiles along with four out of eleven of America's mighty naval aircraft carrier fleets have already been or are in the process of being deployed in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf region.

Just for your information, one aircraft carrier fleet can mount 8 hours of continuous attacks. Three carrier groups can mount round the clock non stop offensive operations. So one can safely assume that such forces are not being aligned to attack the Hamas in Gaza. The target is big, very big, Iran.

Why Iran?

Iran the country with one of the world's largest oil and gas deposits in the world is very close to developing its nuclear bomb.

Iranian society has grown weak internally from misgovernment, corruption and religious extremism, whilst its military has grown stronger and becoming more potent with each passing day.

The Israelis and Americans view that time is running out and this present situation offers the best opportunity for them to destroy the current Islamic regime in Iran.

So the entire Israeli army with all reservists has been fully mobilised, American and European resources are pouring into the region.

There is great unhappiness amongst the American and Israeli war hawks, that Hamas even if gradually is releasing hostages. It takes away from them or minimises the legitimacy for Americans and Israelis to go to war.

Why now?

American Deep State is sure that Biden is not going to return as President. This American administration team they have is perfectly aligned with their thinking. The chance to fix their perceived problems and cast the die in the Middle East as they wish may not present itself again.

The Calculus?

America has the military resources.

Financially they can simply print more money to finance its war, and to subsidise Israel and other partners. Iran and their proxies and partners have limited resources that they can bank on from themselves or their partners.

The Israelis will play a pivotal role and be supported buy America and Europe.

You will be right in questioning whether Israel and America have the necessary manpower to mount a land offensive. They will not place boots on the ground in Iran but rather trigger enough problems engineering to get the current Mullah regime to collapse. To ensure that the regime be replaced by a government more amenable to the American led world order and pose no threat to Israel.

The most damaging strategy to attack Iran will be to destroy the [Kharg Island]( oil terminals, which are the principal location for loading oil tankers in Iran. Then there is also of tightening sanctions of Iranian oil and gas, so as to deny revenues to the Tehran regime.

Powerful insane people are again in the ascendent and the situation looks very gloomy as we should brace ourselves for war in the Middle East.


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Rajendra Tamhane
Rajendra Tamhane
04 nov 2023

While your analysis looks logical, China and Putin are not going to let USA led by CIA have easy run. Going after Iran is not going to be like going after Saddam. It may be nothing or far wider than middle East!

Me gusta
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