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WASP nations versus the World.

Because of the power and control that organised religions bequeaths to a tiny majority, all organised religions get corrupted over time by man himself. Christianity for all its claims is no exception. Protestantism is one of the revolutionary products that emerged in opposition to the Catholic Church about 5 centuries ago. It challenged the rigidity and the super dominance of the Church, the Pope and Bishops.

Protestantism empowered the individual to move beyond the control of the Church thus liberating them. The Protestant rebellion, unshackled the intellectual, scientific, literary, artistic, cultural and economic mind of Western and Northern Europeans from the restraints placed upon them by the Catholic Church.

This unleashed a new era of prosperity and modernity and the industrial revolution, that led to Protestant countries scientifically, technologically, militarily and economically outpacing all other countries. The UK emerged the leader of a new super tribe which we can call the 'White Anglo-Saxon Protestant' (WASP) tribe.

The leading and most influential economies and powers in the world are Protestant in their belief system. It is mainly the Protestants that have migrated beyond Europe to settle in the 'New World' free of the rigid social orders of the old world, with the UK remaining the parent WASP nation.

In short time the WASP were able to colonise other lands with relative ease.

The WASP tribe consists at its core powerful island nations of America, UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The Deep State consisting of the top 1% of the population of WASP countries decide the social, scientific, education, culture, political, etc. structures not only for their own countries but the entire world. WASP is an exclusive top club, where entry is decided by race and religion, directed towards world dominance.

With amazing objectivity, cohesion, cunning and ruthlessness the WASP tribe has over past 500 years come to effectively dominate the world and all its people.

The WASP tribe was for a long time led by the UK. After the two world wars with much of the world in ruins, WASP leadership and centre of gravity shifted irreversibly to the United States.

Bestowed by every known factor of destiny, history, intelligence, grit, strength, cunning and perceived values, the WASPs believe they are the exceptional tribe which must always dominate the world order.

American leaders believe beyond any doubt that they were, are and forever will be the undisputed leaders of the world, provided they stay focussed towards keeping it that way.

Since the past 200 years, every modern international institution and system of consequence in the world has come to be dominated by the WASPs. They never fail to elevate their own and keep down those that do not belong to their tribe.

Sure they have to co-opt some individuals from outside the tribe from time to time provided they are useful, however they have been kept in their place in a subordinate position. A seat at the table was provided to people and nations provided they did the bidding of WASP leadership.

After the World Wars the victorious WASP tribe led by America consolidated control to dominate former great powers and emerging independent countries. Employing a combination of a carrot and stick approach the WASP keep the world on boil. They engineered conflicts between countries so they could grow strong to be useful but not so much as to pose a threat or even a challenge.

Germany and Japan along with Western Europe and Eastern Asia, were made into vassals. Former colonies were absorbed into the British Commonwealth etc.

USSR was painted as an evil communist empire that was attacking the free world of capitalist liberal democracy. So USSR and by extension communism were openly targeted as an enemy that had to be destroyed.

Communist China was successfully won over by the promise of an economic, financial, scientific and political prosperity in partnership with America and other WASP nations. The WASPs successfully created a deep schism between China and the USSR. Chinese economy in a sense can also be considered a WASP economy relocated from WASP lands to Chinese soil.

WASP nations have effectively used Islam to unleash Jihad and sow dissent and initiate squabbles amongst others countries and societies. WASP leadership promotes conflict between Shia and Sunni etc. and the Muslim against the Kafar (disbelievers). All this while keeping the WASP tribe conveniently isolated and safe.

These are the genesis behind the creation of states like Israel, Pakistan, Taiwan, etc.

Now the monstrous and terrifying genies that have been unleashed have to be retracted and forced back into the lamp to be bottled up whilst new monsters have to be birthed to tackle new challengers.

The 9/11 attack in which no one person or agency was held accountable for the lapses, unleashed the war against Islam.

Oil rich and strategically important nations have been issued FIFO (Fall In or be Finished Off) dictates. Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan conflicts are just examples of those who were finished off.

The WASP leadership has so far been able to successfully see off all changes to its hegemony. However over time, the WASP countries have become decadent, grown complacent, extremely arrogant and insatiably greedy.

But the rest of the world has not been sleeping and a pushback has begun in earnest. Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria, Pakistan and now Russia and China refuse to blindly submit to the American led WASP tribe.

Both an economically surging China, an energy, commodity driven military resurgent Russia, displaying strong independence is raising the alarm in the WASP led world order. The global south is increasingly throwing its weight behind these two powers.

India, Brazil and South Africa etc. are demonstrating unprecedented levels of independent thought and action as witnessed in their push to expand BRICS and other multilateral groupings.

An economic and political war of independence has ensued with the rise of a multilateral world order to replace the WASP led unipolar world order. The next step is a hot war which is underway in Ukraine with the ducks being lined up for shooting in the Central Asian Republics, Armenia, Georgia, Baltic States and East European States against Russia. Temperatures around China are rising and likely to witness a hot conflict before the end of 2025.

India is walking a tightrope. WASP nations refuse to accept neutrality. They state, "if you are not with us, you are against us". With its unique civilisational ethos India cannot be allied with or against anyone, except to look out for its own interest and for that of the global South. India thus is the frequent target of human rights, religious freedom abuse nonsensical rhetoric by the WASPs, through their media, NGOs, religious organisations and government agencies.

BRICS which is rising rapidly with a collective GDP of its members greater than that of the G7 nations is a direct threat to the US led WASP hegemony, status as the reserve currencies and the WASP created 'rules based world order'. In this past year 180 sub groupings under the BRICS umbrella were active covering across a wide range of mutually beneficial projects of cooperation with no input or membership participation from WASP countries or their allies.

Is it any wonder that the White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) tribe is deeply concerned? Their very dominance is at stake.

Whatever we have witnessed in our world over past 200 years or will witness in the near future can be traced back to the conflict between the WASP empire and a world civilisation.

Things are going to get a lot worse before they might get better because no empire rides into the sunset of their own volition.

Disrespect for traditional family, religious and social values and imperial overreach by WASP nations have severely weakened the WASP empire, its society, its power and respect. If they return to basics, partner with other nations and society they will have friends and restore their respect and influence even with a somewhat diluted leadership.

If they continue on their current trajectory and destructive style, it is likely that many WASP countries will regress into third world status. Because of its unique nature America will be the exception and remain top dog, but with significantly reduced global power and standing.

In summary.

We can always count on us humans to do dumb things. We may be living in a world reinforced by Artificial Intelligence but there is no doubt that we have also enhanced our natural stupidity.


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Written and posted : September 2023: Gurvinder Singh

You can also view the article and comment at: linkedin

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