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We are all alone ..

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

We are all alone, but we only realise it when we are in real trouble

The lockdowns forced us to be just by ourselves. To our horror we discovered that in our seclusion that not only were we alone, most of us are leading lonely lives.

In life, one can be amidst a crowd and yet feel lonely, on the other hand be alone and not feel lonely. Alone we are born and alone we shall leave this world. We are ultimately all alone, but do we have to be lonely?

What we call 'my life', is our existence between the time of arrival and departure of each body in this world. Maybe significant for the individual being, but an insignificant phenomenon in the larger scheme of the universe.

The whole idea of life is to live it. Living means different things to different people, each one choosing his or her own interpretation of life and trying to live it accordingly. That is why we are all unique, each one very different from the other and the paths we choose.

Earlier living was relatively simple even though it was more dangerous. Yet we had a good spiritual connection between ourselves, our fellow creatures and nature.

With the passage of time and more the information we gathered, the more we intellectualised our evolution the more lonely and distant we have grown not only from our world but even ourselves.

The entire world is being nudged, pushed, dragged, generally encouraged to follow a Western driven one size fits all globalist model, with the promise of success, love, happiness and contentment etc.

These promises have failed. Now the leading illness in the developed world is loneliness.

Many have turned to social media, even addicted to it foolishly believing that technology and a virtual world will take away our loneliness and bring us meaning and happiness.

Belatedly we are discovering to our great disappointment that meaning, happiness or contentment do not exist outside of ourselves, for outside there is nothing, all meaning is only within ourselves.


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