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WHO helped China deliberately spread the CCP Virus

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

World Health Organisation leadership by acts of incompetence or commission helped China spread COVOD-19 Coronavirus now known as 'CCP Virus' to the world.

The billion Yuan question is 'Why did China do what it did?'

The conduct of China and WHO right from early Nov 2019 till date  has been very, very negative. Even though 6 months have passed since the first cluster of cases were reported China has staunchly refused to cooperate with the world to cope with the pandemic. China has been destroying evidence, eliminating people possessing knowledge of the crisis, expelling all foreign media and reporters, hiding vital information and data, refusing access to facilities, scientists etc.

This behaviour reinforces global opinion that China has been deliberately spread the virus with the assistance of  WHO.

China's actions have already begun to deconstruct our world irreversibly. The future of each individual, organisation and country has begun to be impacted in unimaginably destructive ways.

I shall offer some perspectives for the consideration of readers in my upcoming post, 'Why China Weaponised COVID-19 Coronavirus?'

In the meantime readers can review a chronology of events and statements:

In 2015 a team from Wuhan Institute of virology published reports on successfully engineering a hybrid virus, combining a bat coronavirus with a SARS virus. The hybrid virus was able to infect human cells.

Early November 2019, Doctors in Wuhan Central Hospital notice increasing number of cases of SARS like Coronavirus infections.

3rd week of Dec 2019 . Taiwan health authorities repeatedly inform WHO  of a SARS like outbreak which can cause human to human infections originating from Wuhan.  WHO ignores all communications and evidence.

30 Dec 2019 Dr. Li Wenliang saw a report by Ai Fen, director of the emergency department at Wuhan Central hospital. Alarmed Li informally shares this information with colleagues and friends asking them to be vigilant and to take care.

31 Dec 2019 WHO formally informed by China of a pneumonia type infection.

10 Jan 2020 China officially reports Coronavirus deaths.

WHO's efforts are aimed less at protecting the world and more at protecting China's reputation. Rather than calling it the Chinese virus which would rightly stigmatise China, the name COVID-19 is given by WHO.

11 Jan 2020 WHO officially announces that there is no proof of human to human infection and there is no reason to panic.

23 Jan 2020 China imposes lockdown of Wuhan

26 Jan 2020 Chines Lunar new year celebrations (by this date, an estimated 5 million of  Wuhan's population of 11.1 million population, have travelled out of Wuhan before lockdown.)

31 Jan 2020 Li goes public on social media about the silencing by Chinese authorities. The posts go viral. 

31 Jan 2020 WHO declares Coronavirus global emergency

31 Jan 2020 USA declares public health emergency and bans flights from Hubei province. (India does so on 02 Feb 2020)

 8 Feb 2020  Chinese Supreme People's Court, said that the 8 people that sought to highlight should not have been silenced and punished for speaking the truth. 

Li dies due to COVID-19 infection on 12 Feb 2020.

(Ai Fen along with many others who raised concerns have  disappeared.)

27 Apr 2020 Status 

CCP-Virus (COVID-19)  has now spread to 206 countries. Inspite of massive underreporting by China, Pakistan and some other countries the current situation of pandemic is.

People Infected   3.06 million

Deaths    211,000

and the numbers are rising at approx. 27% per week


Interesting links: 

COVID-19: Each Nation For Itself Amidst Biological Warfare Weapon Whispers. - Lt Gen. Vijay Oberoi (former Vice Chief of Army Staff)


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May 01, 2020

One sure way to save the world lies in simple but difficult act but possible .If we declare india a hindu nation . It will make billion converts to look for their roots and many nations using indian hindu land for killing for hindus will stop.


May 01, 2020

Human civilization facing terror, death destruction since last 2000 yrs after middle east culture was put in action by two books . One says you are sinner ,other says once you accept me you are now ruler of the world and you have order from god to kill any one .

We have UN many free nations ,millions educated and good leaders and none has idea how to stop these evil ideas bad for nature and humanity .

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