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Why, Tibet must be liberated, now.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

The Indo Gangetic Plain is one the most  fertile land in the world, thanks to the rivers that flow down from the Himalayas and the Tibet Plateau. This is why this region evolved naturally to have the highest population densities in the world.

Now imagine this all turning to desert. A political party, China's Communist Party of China  (CCP) with plans to weaponise these waters by depriving much of the natural waters to the Indo Gangetic Plain has already reached an advanced stage of doing that. Water stress and wide spread devastation is certain and lives of 3 billion of South Asia and South East Asia has already started becoming imperilled.

This is not science fiction, this is a reality. , The CCP has always affirmed its intent to exploit Tibet and to use the waters of the Tibetan Plateau for its own benefits while holding Asia to ransom.

In pursuit of this objective, China annexed Tibet in 1950 and completely occupied Tibet by 1959. To implement their plans the CCP determined it essential to defile and destroy Tibet's beauty and spirituality. As a result the identity and culture of the Tibetan people, has almost been extinguished.

This is a brilliant but sinister agenda of China's CCP. Brilliant in waging war, grabbing power and enriching itself and sinister because it is at the expense of the rest of Asia.

China has 87,500 dams (more in number than those in America, Canada and Brazil combined).  Two thirds of these dams are located in Tibet.

Why is Tibet important for Asia?

Tibet is a huge plateau at an average altitude of 4,500 metres above sea level, with a total landmass of more than 2.3 million square kilometres (almost as large as India).  More importantly it is Asia's watershed. That is, its glaciers are the origin of 10 great river systems of Asia which supports the lives of a third the global population. Tibet is Asia's life provider. 40% of India's water originates in Tibet. China plans to dam many of these rivers and divert them wherever possible to China. These activities will deprive India and Asia of vital water resources and destroy them socio-economically. The impact will be catastrophic.

In a sense who controls controls Asia. To give unbridled power to an aggressive dictatorial regime with clearly stated expansionist doctrine can be fatal.  

A Tibet under Chinese occupation affects India and Asia adversely, spiritually, economically, and  militarily. To ignore Tibetan freedom struggle is a blunder of Himalayan proportions.

Chinese Concerns and why it chose illegal occupation of Tibet?

China has 21% of world's population and only 8.5% of arable land. and  6.5% of the water reserves. It wants and needs the waters and the pastures of Tibet.

Tibet has huge mineral reserves particularly rare earth minerals that China covets.

Why partner when you can simply snatch something is the CCP's style. Indian leadership under Nehru awed by China, supported openly by Soviet Union and tacitly by America annexed Tibet and later occupied it.

China has been an irresponsible state, disregarding many accepted global treaties. It is also the world's greatest nuclear arms and missiles proliferator. China is also financier, and supplier of arms, ammunition, equipment and training of most of the insurgencies in India and Asia.

China has to be contained, and a vital action to achieve that is the liberation of Tibet. That strategy has to be led by India supported by the world. Not only for the sake of the Tibetan people and culture but for the safety, security and prosperity of Asia and the world. 

Due to terrain and logistical reasons it is manifold more difficult for China to hang on to Tibet than it is for the world to stand behind India to support and liberate Tibet. 

Now that the world has openly seen the menace China's CCP has become, the time to push back and contain the CCP is now. The starting point of that containment begins with the world uniting behind India to push for the liberation of Tibet.

Kashmir territory illegally occupied by Pakistan and China

What must be the steps to achieve liberation?

1. Get the governments of as many countries particularly major powers to openly declare that Tibet needs to be free.

2. Get United Nations general assembly to pass a resolution calling for the liberation of Tibet

3. India begins to push back China and recover all territories illegally occupied by Pakistan and China. These include, Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK), Aksai Chin and vast portions of occupied lands of Arunachal Pradesh and Ladakh. This provides adequate staging areas for further action.

4. A global military task force with a clear budget and resources to support India to lead the military expedition to liberate Tibet.

(All these actions must be taken simultaneously and in concert with other countries that have experienced Chinese bullying and harassment across Asia, South China sea and East China sea.)


Written and Posted: July 2020  ~ Gurvinder Singh.

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Suresh Shejwal
Suresh Shejwal
Jul 20, 2020

Great observation super comparison need to learn from the wild

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