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You, call me Coloured!

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Racialism is a toxic reality.

Darker skinned people are considered inferior by fairer people without any justification.

Darkness of skin is triggered by melanin a pigment produced by the human body to protect it from burning in the sun. Those whose ancestors have traditionally come from sunny climes or have been labouring in the sun are bound to be dark.

Aristocracy, royalty, wealthy and powerful usually never have to experience the harsh rays of the sun and are therefore more white in skin, eye and hair colour. This is why white skinned people are mistakenly viewed as superior.

So what is the outcome of this type of thinking.

Those that have status and power usually ridicule, condemn and oppress the weak.

The vast majority of the aggrieved are weak and can only protest and maybe even riot. Protestations of discrimination have always fallen on deaf ears and closed minds.

Yet a minority of the oppressed and discriminated have weapons to fight back and make the pain bearable. They evolve their own unique music, poetry, literature etc. the most potent being humour and comedy. This poem is an example.

Humour couches the bitter truth and thus, against the onslaught of humour nothing can stand.


Written and Posted: March 2023 ~ by Gurvinder Singh

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