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A donkey is still a donkey.

Updated: May 16, 2019

Not everyone is the same.

Some are smart, others not so much.

Some good looking, others not so much.

Some powerful, others not so much.

Some are rich and some not so much.

Wealthy we all are.

Creation has gifted us all, life, existence, and all the divine graces.

The same Sun, the Moon, the forests, and the Waters and all the creatures belong to all of us equally.

Yet our world is not perfect, and there two things that seem to be infinite. Our Universe and human stupidity.

The tragedy is very few individuals are actually stupid. We have institutionalised the manufacture of stupidity. Much of modern education and intolerant religions and ideologies which seek to dominate and destroy our world. They have brought out and continue to do so bring out the worst in humans. Because to succeed, humanity must not think, not feel but simply obey.

In that sense one can classify all people into one of four categories.

1. Stupid - Stupid

They are stupid but think themselves smart.

They are members of a community, group or region, believing in some ideology, religion or institution, which makes them supremacists. They think themselves superior and smart.

They use their sense of superiority backed by bookish knowledge or association with their chosen groups to make this world a terrible place.

Contact with such people should be minimal and they should be kept at bay.

2. Stupid - Smart

They have become stupid and know it. They are awake to this fact and while they try to improve themselves, they are adjusting and try to get along with others.

They often feel trapped and are constantly seeking ways to emerge from the dark dungeons of their minds where they have discovered they have been led to by their parents, society, religion and their teachers.

They form the bulk of humanity

3. Smart - Smart

These beings are specially gifted by nature. They know it and often appreciate it.

They are the real movers and shakers in any society.

If coupled with nobility they make the word a better place, when coupled with arrogance, unbridled greed, lust for everything they make the world a terrible place.

4. Smart - Stupid

These individuals are smart. But due to effective dumbing down or weak emotional strength they fail to see their own strengths and intelligence.

Such people are harmless unless they belong to some dynasty where they have inherited some powerful position, wealth which they will promptly destroy by their lack of confidence in their own capabilities and leadership.


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