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A perspective of our place in the universe

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

'Who am I?'

'What is my place in the Universe?'

We will never arrive at the answer because the journey is the destination, and that too a fascinating one. The questions not the answers provide meaning to our lives.

Look at this image. It is only part of the middle section of our galaxy known as the Milky Way Galaxy, a relatively small galaxy. Our sun is so small in this galaxy that we cannot see it but its location is marked in the image. What can we conclude from viewing this image?

Our universe has existed for 13.8 billion years, our sun 4.5 billion years and our human species has existed for only 300,000 years. We humans occupy a planet 0.000000000000000000015% the size of one galaxy amongst countless zillions of galaxies.

It's obvious that as individuals and as a species are just an insignificant accumulation of cosmic dust who have got way ahead of ourselves. It's important to realise the insignificance of our time and place in the greater scheme of things.

Acceptance of this perspective will humble us and extinguish all that is toxic and negative with us. Paradoxically, as all that is superficial within us gets extinguished, we are born anew to achieve great things.

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