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A politician will do anything, to save his position.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Rahul Gandhi issues a clarification to Pakistan about Kashmir

There go my people, I must follow them, for I am their leader.

Both Rahul Gandhi and Imran Khan are puppets, of powerful forces.

Inspite of being parliamentarians for long periods of time they hardly ever attended parliament, and when they did, they never participated in any discussion, or debate.

They shot into make believe leadership positions by a sense of entitlement. Having little or no real interest except to receive power and fame, they have never developed a vision or a narrative.

Being a politician entails a lot of hard work, which neither of them are capable of. Their inexperience, wealth and fame, makes them incapable of being groomed or trained. Its impossible to illuminate them on any subject of consequence.

They are fighting for their political credibility and survival and therefore make reckless and irresponsible statements in the hope of remaining somehow relevant.

Full of bluster, and dangerous as these two men may sound, they are politically inconsequential and not only the world but they too know that. However they offer good entertainment and help build TRP ratings and advertisement revenue.

Since their thoughts do not belong to them, and they possess no real power to give effect to anything of consequence, we should forgive and ignore their utterances.

Patriotism is anyway the last refuge of scoundrels, even handsome ones.


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