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Alcohol, the monster.

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The origin of the word “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “Al- Kuhl” literally meaning 'monster'. A monster as per Middle East folklore that seizes and consumes the Spirit, and is the origin of the English term 'ghoul'.

In alchemy, just as alcohol extracts essential oils from substances, drinking alcohol has the same effect of drawing out the human spirit. As a result it renders the body more susceptible to harmful foreign energies. This is why distilled alcohol beverages are also called 'spirits'.

When people consume excessive amounts of alcohol they often black out, unable to remember what happened. During this period, the soul is possessed by dark negative forces which numbs the body and makes the mind unable to see sense. This is why the Persians have for millennia termed alcohol as 'Sh-arab' meaning 'Satanic water'.

Surprisingly, in Farsi alcohol is also called 'Daru' meaning medicine. This is because when alcohol is consumed directly or along with with some other herbs and ingredients in small quantities it functions as a medicine and an elixir.

Studies have shown that occasionally and In small quantities alcohol appears to be beneficial, but in larger quantities it is highly addictive and extremely harmful, even deadly, because the Ghoul completely consumes the being, our body, mind and spirit.

The question is 'how much is little and how much is too much?'

Abstinence is considered safest and that is why nearly all civilisations and religions have prohibited the consumption of alcohol.

Comparable studies in India show that the situation of alcoholism is very serious. The highly lucrative business of production and sale of alcohol for recreational purposes was introduced by the British into India. Before that alcohol was virtually unknown of by the Indian masses, even now it is socially frowned upon.

In India women rarely drink, most of the drinking is done by men. Studies have shown that alcohol is probably the only 'recreational drug' amongst drug users that triggers violence, hence the incidences of domestic violence have a direct correlation with alcohol consumption.

Can the problem be solved?

Sure, it is difficult but not impossible.

Simply prohibiting it socially and legally only drives the whole problem underground, making it even harder to cope with. The Mafia in America became such a socially destructive powerful force driving most types of crimes is directly attributable to legal prohibition on alcohol sale and consumption. Prohibition empowered criminals in boardrooms and on the streets, simultaneously corrupting police and law enforcement agencies, politicians and government servants, eventually corroding entire society.

Why alcohol the most dangerous drug is perfectly legal?

Alcohol is not only legally permitted, it is actively promoted. Governments love the concept of taxing the hell out of it to generate taxes, whilst appearing holy claiming to be attempting to stamp out alcohol consumption by taxing it. Manufacturers and businesses love the high profit margins in an ever growing recession proof business. The police and officials love the bribes they receive, and the media loves the huge advertisement revenue they receive by promoting alcohol consumption.

Capitalist or Communist society people look for escape from their tedious, oppressive lives. Alcohol and increasingly also consumption of other drugs provides these people an outlet if even for a short spell. Not surprisingly alcoholism is the least where, the social and civilisational fabric is strong, work may be tough but not exploitive, where faith in religion is strong, where families are close knit and the light of hope for a better future burns.

These are conditions that only parents, teachers, employers and social leaders etc. can help create. I would like to say 'Cheers' for the new year but I would rather say 'wish you have much to remain cheerful about in 2023'.


End Note:

It is generally considered that alcohol consumption in small quantities is a good thing, in larger quantities is a very bad thing. Amongst intoxicants it is only alcohol that triggers violence and yet has the protection of the law.

Alcohol drinking has been promoted as a cool and desirable thing by manufacturers using slick media campaigns, events and beautiful models. If we stop glorifying alcohol especially in front of children there is an excellent chance that the young and future generations will not fall victim to the monster 'Al-Kuhul'.


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