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American Empire of the 21st Century

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

America, currently the sole superpower dominates the world financially, technological, socially, politically and militarily. Thoughts, words and actions of the American Establishment have far reaching impact across the world.

The American empire and its domination of the world today is based on,

Access to fantastic financial resources. (Almost every country invests its savings in American government bonds)

  1. Access to great financial resources.

  2. It is a great repository of information and knowledge.

  3. Outstanding pool of talented manpower in nearly all disciplines.

  4. Powerful Armed forces with a budget greater than the next 7 largest armed forces in the world.

  5. Huge and powerful nuclear arsenal.

  6. The hunger, and ruthless will to want to remain the global leader.


America has no permanent friends or enemies, they only have permanent interests.

Style of American leadership may change. However the establishment's plans

to remain the World dominating, sole superpower in the 21st Century will never change.


Six Grand Strategic Objectives of US policy to remain the sole superpower in the 21st century

  1. Security and prosperity of Israel.

  2. Control of global fuel and energy assets and supply

  3. Control of fuel and energy supply channels and trade routes. This includes pipelines, waterways and shipping lanes.

  4. Containing political and militant Islam

  5. Containing the power of Russia

  6. Containing the power of China

The first 4 objectives have a direct bearing on the Arab and Muslim world, which mainly covers the oil rich, Muslim world of Middle East and North Africa with 75% of global oil and gas reserves.

Its predicted that the number of Arab states will almost double in number from current 22 states to 36 states by 2025 as they fragment and get dismembered because of internal rivalry between Arabs themselves, leading to a lot of self destruction. Shia- Sunni conflict being the most significant and high profile sectarian conflict. Revolutions will occur also for social, political and economic reasons.

Saudi Arabia with a 30 million population, controlled by just 13,000 members of the 'Al Saud' family who pocket the bulk of the national income, will become victim of their own extremist intolerant policies. It is projected to fracture mostly due to internal pressures into at least three parts, the largest part being the Saudi homelands consisting of a number of fiefdoms, taking it back towards tribal rule albeit a more modern one. The Islamic sacred state, and the Arab Shia State, will also come into being. Saudi Arabia will also lose territory to Yemen, Iraq, and Jordan. and hence will see great reduction in its power and influence.

America will instigate, and aggravate local problems, rivalries, and conflicts, thus deepening the crisis and thus further its own strategic agenda. 'The war on terror' and spread of democracy will remain convenient arguments.

America will not have much to do, it will indulge in fuelling conflicts that seem natural in intolerant repressive totalitarian regimes. America will take further advantage of the situation by selling weapons and financing reconstruction.

They will let the dictatorial leaders indulging in tribal rivalries weaken themselves and their states. Religious conflict between the 73 different sects of Islam will further aggravate the crisis. All conflicts only cause misery and destruction.

With rising conflict amongst themselves, focus and funds of Arab countries will greatly taper off for political and militant Islam . Thus putting the genie of 'Radical Islam' back into the lamp.


American plans are not secret. The ideas of a New Middle East are openly discussed.

Independent Free Kurdistan will become a reality and will take significant bite of territory and resources from Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Kurds are not Muslims and openly work towards containing political and militant Islam.

As a result with these developments, America will have even more significant control over global fossil fuel energy sources, production and distribution assets.

The Arab world will be compelled to tactfully and politely abandon support to the Palestinians, forcing the hardliners to settle their conflict with Israel once and for all. Thus Israel will become more secure.

Terrorists that it breeds will increasingly turn upon their nurturer the Pakistan State. Their actions coupled with American pressure will cause Pakistan to go bankrupt, fail, implode and fragment.

Pakistan will be emasculated and have to surrender much of its national assets, and most importantly both its nuclear weapons stockpile and production capability.

Implosion will result in fragmentation of the Pakistan, into an independent Baluchistan, significant part of its northern and Western territory joining Afghanistan. Pakistan occupied Kashmir may rejoin and become once again part of India.

To save itself Pakistan will continue to beg for monetary assistance which it will receive from China in the form of expensive loans, which it will never be able to repay and become 'Chinastan' a Pakistan with Chinese characteristics.

The stalled Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India pipeline

Pakistan will receive significant financial assistance from Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia for so called religious purposes. In reality its main effect is to fuel conflict and instability within Pakistan and keep it in confrontation with both India and Afghanistan. This is to prevent overland pipeline access of Iranian and Central Asian oil and gas reserves by India and the world.

Pakistan will experience internal strife for the entire century. It will not disappear but will come to exist as a land greatly indebted economically, geo-politically unstable, and economically, militarily and socially a slave of China and oil rich Middle East countries. China will also greatly suppress political and militant Islam.

Power tends to breed arrogance, and powerful nations are no exception. America will rely less on cooperation and diplomacy and use more force and induce greater fear. America will increasingly adopt the philosophy first articulated by the Roman Empire; 'We do not care if we are liked or not, so long as we are feared.'

The American political - financial - military - Industrial complex promises to make the 21st century more violent. The cost to human well being will be immense and greatest in the perpetually violent Arab world.

Based on Eastern beliefs which retain strong family values and resilient social structure, most countries in Asia will emerge stronger and safer. The future for India in particular and Indians of all faiths, as an old and resilient civilisation, having a conservative self sufficient economy with low debt, promises to be very good. However they will have to get rid of their outdated socialistic policies and government bureaucracies.


ps. Notes on American efforts for containment of Russia and containment of China will be covered under separate articles.

Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0479

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