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Are we sure, there is a problem?

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

People often say, 'You know the problem is ......... ' or 'You don't understand what the problem is'.

They are probably right, we do not, because we cannot understand.

The reason is, that all too often, they themselves do not know or understand what the problem is.

What is a problem?

A problem can generally be defined as something or some entity that obstructs us from going from an existing situation or position say point A to another desired situation or position say point B.

This means that, a problem has 3 components

1. We know where we are

2. We know where we want to go

3. We know what is obstructing us.

If we do not have any of these 3 things then we do not have a problem.

Most people have no idea where they are and where they want to go. Often we have a vague dream or even a fantasy but no strategy, no deployment plan or route map. Even if we do know, we often have difficulty in identifying what is obstructing us.

Simply stated, 'If we do not know where we are, where we want to go and what is obstructing us, then we really do not have a problem. We may have concerns, apprehensions, opinions, most likely an excuse, but definitely no problem'.

Not everything is always what it seems to be. It is naive for us to assume that all people are sincere and straightforward. How often have we come across people that lie, cheat and manipulate? Sometimes we are victims of entities that throw up so called 'problems' so as to confuse us, deflect attention from or obfuscate a matter or situation.

Trying to solve problems that are fictitious or imaginary, is one of the greatest maladies troubling mankind. Sadly this malady afflicts the intelligent more than the stupid.


Extracted from my proposed book 'Becoming World Class'

Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0726

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