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Are we Transforming or Transacting?

There are two types of people, followers and leaders.

What differentiates them?

Fundamentally, 'Followers Transact and Leaders Transform'.

'Transformers' are prime movers, the people who visualise, conceptualise and generate the intellectual, material and emotional power and energy to bring about quantum change. All others can be classified as 'Followers' (Transactors).

Leadership is situational. For example, one may be a great professional at work or social situations and a disaster in guiding their own family. Sometimes they are effective at home and in social settings but not professionally.

Transactors are people who just undertake tasks and commit actions, with little or no knowledge of what they do and why, functioning in a mechanical thoughtless way. Good Transactors guided by norms are essential and can be effective in running any show.

Transactors sometimes follow leaders, and sometimes they follow traditions even institutionalised thousands of years ago like in a religion, society or dynasty. In essence, followers, follow what is decided by others on how and what is to be thought, spoken and action to be taken. This is the wheel of life for many.

A person may be an employee and merely transact but as the head of a family or group may be a powerful and effective transformer. Family members may also be transformers.

Just because a person is in a senior position in an organisation or even head of a family, does not mean he or she will transform anything, they may only be transacting.

Every society and organisation needs about 5% transformers and 95% transactors.

Change is always initiated and driven by transformers but affected by transactors.

Transformers possess an infectious self-confidence, energy and drive.

A point to note is that no one is a constant transformer or a transactor all the time. Leaders also transact but this is secondary to the transformation that they achieve. Similarly, transactors also affect some amount of transformation, but these generally tend to be minor or insignificant.

If a transactor gets into a position of great responsibility even like a Prime Minister or President he or she is unlikely to achieve transformation. Then decline even collapse is likely.

Such people can be identified by their endless tinkering disguising activity for meaningful action.

"It is not the strongest of the species, that survive nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change" ~ Charles Darwin

In every organisation or relationship even with a couple or a family, someone drives transformation and others transact.

Perpetual transformation can be chaotic and stressful but it need not be. Since ancient times we have had available science and now management tools and techniques to achieve transformation and yet provide satisfaction and enjoyment. A good life is one filled with transactions and times of rest interspersed with doses of transformation.

It's important to ask ourselves

Am I appropriately transforming personally, socially and professionally? If we are not transforming we are not living only existing.


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