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Beware of the Media

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

It is human nature for us to try and dominate other humans.

The brute depends on physical force and it sufficed for them for thousands of years but the real domination came from overpowering the minds of the dominated and it is manifold more powerful.

We believe with education and modernity the human mind will have grown more cultured and noble. On the contrary we have grown more cruel, selfish, crude (even though more politically correct) and many of them have lost their soul and conscience.

Though this negativity is increasing, and is seen more prominent in certain professions and one of them is the news media. With each passing day their lack of neutrality and commitment to truth and high human ideals is prominent by its absence.

Recent reporting by many in the the media fraternity, serves to remind us of their desperate desire to sow dissent and create divisions and conflict between people and communities. It is now time to awaken, and take action.

What action can one take?

The first thing to understand is that media is a business. They do what they do, to earn more money and enhance their power.

Like all customers with our patronage we can support a business or shun it.

If I like what they do, I try and favour them with my patronage. I spend money, time and other resources and promote them. If I do not agree or dislike what they do I simply shun their programs and their products. I also try to shun products and services that they promote.

Freedom of the press is important, but it does not grant them license to behave irresponsibly, endangering lives, destroying amity between people, their property and their prosperity.

The final adjudicator of sanity and prosperity of our individual and shared lives is we ourselves, the people.


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