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Cause of Spiritual & Emotional Trauma

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Spirit engulfed by fire - Image by Conor Walton

Each human is inherently a very powerful spiritual being, for we possess the potential to be one with the Universe. When that occurs, we become the infinite Universe. This Universe is called by a number of names, some call it God.

Trapped in the world of 'Maya' this illusory existence, we exist at near the lowest level of spiritual existence.

Merely existing, most of us are just like other spiritually unborn creatures. We just seek a position that appears safe, convenient and comfortable. Occasionally we move to feed, play or fight with or chase other creatures and people. Without ever awakening, we remain spiritual weaklings.

We just go along with the flow of needs, desires, and fears. Seeking shelter in family, society, religion, nation, politics etc. Adopting a set of beliefs, we shun the use of our own emotional and spiritual intelligence and potential.

Blind belief, is the highest form of intellectual, emotional and spiritual laziness. Belief does not permit us to know ourselves. As a consequence we have nothing significant, so we cling to only thing we can hold, 'beliefs'. It gives us a sense of being or possessing something powerful and even sacred.

Because blind belief shuns thinking, contemplation and meditation, it restricts the evolution of our spirit, emotions and intelligence.

We invest so much of ourselves, our energies, time, education and resources to acquire those beliefs that we are unable to cope with anyone who questions or shakes these foundations, no matter how flimsy they may be.

So weak is this spiritual and emotional foundation that ideologies, religious, political, or social have to be held up and implemented by force upon people, denying all permission to ever think or question.

This is why maximum amount of violence and cruelty is carried out in the name of religion, and ideology.

Now when somebody comes along and presents facts or express an opinion at odds with our beliefs and what we hold as true, and dear, suddenly we grow confused and become traumatised.

Belief born out of understanding, experience, understanding and awakening is the only belief that is deep and hence valid.

Blind belief however is shallow and we will suffer trauma often, compelling us to be confrontational almost all the time. This is why happiness and awakening eludes us.

It is the sign of a spiritually and emotionally evolving individual, that is willing to examine and experience another perspective or approach. Open to examining without getting agitated, aggressive or defensive, neither accepting it nor rejecting other approaches.

How can one be one with the universe?

Thoughts and experiences on that question are the subject of discussions and future articles.


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0471

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