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Charlie Chaplin and the experts

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Charlie Chaplin (1889 - 1977) is considered a great humanitarian and one of the most important persons in the history of film making. He loved to entertain himself and people.

In 1975 Charlie Chaplin, decided to enter a Charlie Chaplin look alike contest held in France. His entry was amongst one of many entrants.

Well, what do you know? The experts on the panel of judges placed Charlie Chaplin third.

This incident begs the question, 'Who is an expert?'

An expert is defined as someone who is knowledgable or skilful in a particular area.

When we perceive someone as an expert, its usually because they demonstrate confidence, in what they say or do.

What if the person doesn't really have that knowledge or skill but pretends to have it. Obviously we will be fooled and feel sorry for ourselves.

That is why we often discover that,

Often an expert is someone who is never in doubt but frequently in error.

We ourselves, know our situation, problem or needs better than anyone else and often best poised to find and implement solutions to our problems.

Spending time alone to look within myself, I have often been able to find answers to doubts and and solutions to challenges.

But we do not trust ourselves. We have grown so distant from ourselves that we rarely look within ourselves for answers. We would rather trust a stranger believing them to be experts.

Maybe its a good idea to take off time to be alone with ourselves at least once a day. One will be surprised by the focus, energy and positiveness it brings into one's life.

Sure, we will make mistakes, but its useful to remember that, all success is based on failures and setbacks.



Charlie Chaplin - Final Speech from The Great Dictator - YouTube

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