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China at war with the world.

Part 3 -  CCPVirus,  China's weaponising of Coronavirus

Success occurs when preparation meets opportunity. Even a calamity can be exploited.

So when CCP leadership discovered that they had a crisis that could harm China very severely, it appears to chose to weaponise COVID-19 Coronavirus and infect the world with it and even profit from it. 

To operationalise this strategy, China needed to hide the truth from the world and lull it into complacency. 

China adopted a three pronged strategy 

  1. Conceal and destroy all evidence, do not permit anyone to inspect or question anything about COVID-19. 

  2. Unleash a public relations blitzkrieg to shift blame to anyone and everyone but the CPC and Chinese labs and mislead the world. 

  3. To conceal the truth and mislead the world, China hid behind what is clearly a compromised WHO (World Health Organisation) leadership.

China's CCP tried to cover their tracks. All whistleblowers and persons with intimate knowledge of the outbreak have disappeared. All samples, records and evidence trails were covered up or destroyed.

Till date, no country or entity, not even WHO has been given critical genetic information about the virus, nor access to patients, staff, research and hospital facilities nor data of any kind. 

When the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center published the first genome sequence of the coronavirus, on 11th Jan 2020, the authorities promptly shut it down within two days.

70% of viruses that plague mankind are zoonotic  This occurs the maximum in places like China because of extensive contact between humans and a wide variety of live mostly wild animals.  The virus jumps from an animals to humans and then infects other humans.

So the Public relations mavericks in Beijing shifted the focus to claiming the virus originated  from the wet market in Wuhan (near WIV).

Suddenly Social media was flooded with hitherto unseen before videos showing many Chinese people eating all sorts of live animals, particularly bats. This was to suggest that the origin of the virus was zoonotic.

In this strategy, the spin artists of China's CCP blundered. 

They had overlooked a few important details. 

Though  COVID-19 is a modified bat virus, the virus strain of the species of bat concerned does not exist within 100 kms radius of Wuhan.

The people of Wuhan do not eat bats, nor were they sold in the wet markets there. 

The unconvincing explanation was soon modified to say that the virus jumped from a bat to a Pangolin and from there, to humans.

No matter what the CCP says, no one is buying any of the narratives put out by them.

A truth can stand alone, but a lie has to be constantly bolstered by many new lies, as China is discovering. 

With an annual US$ 10 billion propaganda budget, China spends heavily on Public Relations firms to push CCP's narrative. Over the years, the CCP has invested heavily in, prominent newspapers, magazines, reporters, commentators, media houses and  digital platforms across the world. There is an equal amount spent in grants to universities across the world to push China's agenda within education.

In the USA,  even famous papers like Washington Post,  New York Times etc., are beholden to Chinese money and patronage. Within India the situation is no different. All these entities work tirelessly to crush critics and detractors and push the narratives of their Chinese benefactors. They do it so blatantly and crudely that their efforts are unconvincing and counterproductive.  

These are the same folks who try to convince the world of Chinese innocence, and greatness Unfortunately they have overlooked a fundamental principle of spin. 'Get the facts right before choosing to distort them'.

China now stands discredited and no amount of bluster, aggressive behaviour or playing victim is helping their case. The CCP have to come clean but the have dug themselves so deep in a hole of their own making that they have no choice but to slug it out, hoping to exhaust others.

On 26 Jan 2020 CPC under Xi Jinping's leadership announced the roster of the 9 member team to handle the COVID-19 crisis. Only one member is a (that to unqualified) Public Health official, most of the other 8 members are from their propaganda team including CPC's chief of Propaganda. This clearly indicates that CPC is more interested in spin rather than containment of the spread of COVID-19.


WHO member countries, are supposed to inform WHO within 24 hours of any situation that arises which can cause  a serious health hazard. China informed WHO informally 16 days after confirming that there were significant number of SARS like Coronavirus infections and an emerging epidemic.

What did WHO do in the meantime? 

WHO was complicit in blindly accepting the assurances sans data that China spoon fed them. 

WHO twiddled their thumbs, sucked up to China and acted as their propaganda agency stands accused of dereliction or worse corruption. WHO has actually propelled the pandemic.

The assurances by Chinese government and WHO acting and speaking in concert, became untenable when infections spread to 20 countries and the numbers infected began increasing exponentially.

Only on 31 Jan 2020,  after a shocking 46 days delay a reluctant WHO declared a Coronavirus global emergency while praising China and asking people to follow the Chinese model.

WHO's warning came too late, the CCP virus had like the plague spread into an unprepared global population, destroying lives, societies and economies.

WHO has been found extremely wanting in its handling of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. WHO s job is to be vigilant and warn nations and communities of serious health problems. They did the exact opposite, they hid the truth, and lulled them into complacency.

By their incompetence, or complicity in China's handling of COVID-19, WHO leadership has failed the great institution of WHO and the entire world community.

Those who play with fire, often burn themselves.  China it seems has forgotten that in a war there are no victors, only losers.  All countries will lose, some more, some less, but the greatest loser will be China and the CCP. The crisis has caused so much suffering and destruction that the people of the countries severely effected will not accept the pleadings of their politicians, nor investors and media with vested interests in the well being of the CCP. The enraged populations will demand blood, and most of it will be Chinese blood, and even their own leaders. The CCP leadership believes China is too big to fail. The world needs China today, but will not do so tomorrow if the important nations, both suppliers and customers refuse to significantly  trade with China. The CCP's mask of victimhood has fallen, and the gloves are off. China refuses to share any data, information, have any inspections or impartial investigations or even hold discussions.  This spell the end of the Chinese Communist party and China's dream of global hegemony, and the break up of Communist China.


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