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China uses Coronavirus to set the world on fire.

Part 2 - CCPVirus, China's weaponising of Coronavirus

In the short term it matters little whether the COVID-19 virus is man made or natural. What matters is, 'what are we doing to cope with the pandemic?' China's CCP is charged with perpetuating a crime against humanity. Never before in history, has any nation simultaneously been at war with every other nation in the world. Is it an accident or mala fide intent, or is it an accident that has been weaponised? Leaders never waste a crisis, politicians, militaries and businessmen will seek to exploit the situation, even a calamity. Everybody is spinning the facts as it suits their individual strategy. With a US$ 10 billion propaganda budget China's CCP is spinning the story of a Coronavirus victim. Everyone and everything is to blame except the CCP. It is easy to be fooled by propaganda and rhetoric. Look at what people say and then look at what they do. On 26 Jan 2020, the CPC under Xi Jinping's leadership announced the roster of the 9 member team to handle the COVID-19 crisis. Only one member though not qualified to is a public health official, all of the other 8 members are from their propaganda team including CPC's chief of Propaganda. This indicates that CPC is focussed on spin rather than containment of the spread of COVID-19. China the country of originator of the virus shares no information, refuses to discuss solutions other than those it dictates. By denying information, access, and obfuscating, China's actions indicate that it is doing everything it can, to push humanity further into the abyss. Those that do not collapse are being supplied by China shoddy medical equipment and supplies, that too at astronomical prices. China is using the Coronavirus pandemic which has debilitated nations by seizing territory from its neighbours, buying out key assets, infrastructure across the world, and threatening all its associates and trading partners. The innumerable facts and actions reveal that China is guilty, beyond all doubt. It has painted itself as a deadly, dangerous and destructive international terrorist nation, unconcerned about the well-being of humanity, peace and prosperity. A vicious, irresponsible, evil regime out to conquer the world hook but mostly by crook.

The wise know that conflict brings only pain and destruction, but China by overplaying its hand seems to have forgotten this lesson. The unexpected blowback to China for its acts of omission and commission has  terrified the Communist Party of China, for its very survival is at stake.

Eager to demonstrate  to the world that it had advanced greatly in the field of life sciences and also developing biological weapons,  Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2015 published reports on their success in genetically modifying a 95% bat virus, that could infect humans. 

Viruses constantly mutate but the COVID-19 or CCP Virus pandemic is quite similar if not identical to the one engineered by WIV.

 In 2018 and 2019 teams of visiting American experts had warned the American and Chinese governments of the high risk of an outbreak from the WIV lab because of lax safety standards. However no action was taken. Unfortunately the fears proved to be correct.  The virus escaped from the WIV.

The CCP is a totalitarian regime. Such regimes, spawn highly insecure people who fear losing control. They are fearful of reporting bad news to seniors, lest they be judged harshly by superiors. So they suppressed information about the outbreak. 

When the problem grew in severity, top leadership in Beijing got the facts but chose to keep the matter under wraps so as not to upset China's two biggest upcoming political meetings in March. 

Unlike Chinese citizens, viruses are not within the control of the CCP  They do not respond to threats and diktats. When the problem worsened Chinese leaders had to make a call. Tell the truth and loose face or hide it and seek to escape responsibility. They chose a very dangerous third path.

if one connects the dots, what happened next is not so puzzling.  Here is my studied opinion.

Totalitarian regimes, often come to believe in the unlimited breadth and depth of their power to control everything and set the narrative.

Like the SARS outbreak the CCP felt confident that they would be able to arrest the spread of the virus and conceal the truth from the world. 

Highly centralised regimes like the CCP obsessed with stability are terribly inept at crisis management. Naturally spurred by coverup and incompetence the virus spread rapidly.

When all attempts to contain the unfolding epidemic by CCP by authorities failed, the Chinese leadership in my opinion made a fatal mistake. 

The CCP decided not only to conceal the truth but to rapidly weaponise the epidemic and convert it into a pandemic and thus attack the whole world. From their actions it appears that the  CCP deliberately allowed the infections to spread to the world. 

China is at economic war with America, the West, Japan, India and many other countries. If the epidemic was restricted to China, then China would lose the war. The epidemic would lay China low and would severely weaken her economically, politically and militarily, while the rest of the world would grow relatively stronger than China.

The CCP leadership is extremely cunning and completely ruthless. 

If they were going to lose the war because of the Coronavirus epidemic then they would go down adopting a 'Scorched Earth' or even a 'Mutually Assured Destruction'

strategy. China would drag all their opponents down so that they too will suffer equally and hence cannot win, but possibly give China a great advantage. 

China being the designer of the CCP Virus had a head start to cope with it. China possessed effective protocols for prevention and treatment and this would allow them to win. 

It is strange that, while many world leaders have fallen victim to the virus, not a single Chinese, political, business or military leader of consequence has been infected. A forearmed China could take maximum advantage of the pandemic crisis and emerge victorious to dominate the world. 


The details of exactly what China did will be covered in the part 3 of this series, 'CCPVirus,  China's weaponising of Coronavirus.'


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