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Do we know what we are doing and why we do them?

A little boy learnt from his parents that a large temple was being constructed at the edge of their town and so he went see for himself. Among other things he discovered, many stone masons breaking and chipping granite blocks into various shapes.

The curious boy asked the a man working at a slow and almost lazy pace, "Bhaiya, what are you doing?"

The man working with a glum expression replied, "Son, I have a large family and struggling to feed my wife and my children. I am getting burnt in this blazing sun, but what else can a poor desperate individual do except endure suffering?"

The boy then came upon another man who was hard at work, "Bhaiya, what are you doing?"

The man snorted an angry reply, " Are you stupid or blind? Can't you see what I am doing? Get lost from here, before I cuff you one under your ear."

The boy quickly scampered away.

Then the boy glanced upon a third man, who was humming a tune, devotedly working at a steady pace. Mustering courage the boy went up to this man and asked, "Bhaiya, what are you doing?"

The man paused mopped his forehead and beamed a smile, "Son, we are building a temple to honour our Lord. A place where we people can congregate, discuss, share, learn and pray, offer thanks and receive blessings.


The task was the same, but the approach vastly different, so what lesson does this story teach us?

The first man represents the one who does things despondently will achieve nothing more than a tool to be used, exploited by others and unlikely to achieve any progress. 89% of humankind falls into this group. If leader in society meet the essential and material needs of this type of individuals they are appeased and kept under control.

The second man represents the one who is resentful, angry and aggressive, all he wants to do is to make efforts to succeed, to overpower and dominate others. He may even land up building empires, only to be overpowered by more violent and aggressive men leading humanity and the world into a downward spiral hostile to humans and nature. 10% of humankind falls into this group. They are movers and shakers, they individually and collaboratively control by their power and strength, 89% of humanity. Such people are extremely desirable to empire builders whose goals are wealth, and power.

The third man having journeys to and experiences the sacred (not to be confused with religion), where he has awakened into another higher dimension of human consciousness, is an enigma.

Representing less than 1% of humankind, they are visible as Sages, Gurus, prophets, scientists, artists, philosophers, etc. they provide the foundation and building blocks of civilisation, for their efforts produce far reaching irreversible changes.

Transformational rather than transactional in their nature, they care not that, they are scorned and abused. Usually the seeds of their ideas and work flourish long after they have physically departed from this world.

They can not be intimidated, controlled, manipulated or bribed into doing anything other than what they are convinced of and committed to. Thus they represent a big threat to the status quo and those in power, hence they are often persecuted.

Which type of individual are you?

Dare we awaken to know why we do what we do.


Guru Wonder:

Ref: G0716

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