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Experiencing 'Time'

Updated: Jun 14, 2019

Ancient Wisdom

Concept of time and space are two powerful outcomes of human consciousness and imagination.

All successful people have understood usually subconsciously, these two elements of time and space and leverage them to help achieve whatever they want.

It has however become very difficult for humans to cope with modernity where space has shrunk and where time has been compressed dramatically.

Now distances are no more a constraint with people being able to routinely circle the world in 40 hours. People and situations that never invaded our space now routinely beam vast amounts of information, much of it garbage right into our hands and in our homes and workplaces. Distance as a constraint, seems to have simply disappeared from our lives.

Time, too has become compressed, everything is moving faster and faster, events and situations impact us first and we realise only later what has happened. Everything is urgent and important. Everyone demands immediate service, response, and products. Even love and attention are expected to be provided on demand.

A humanity now changing so rapidly is experiencing great stress which is constantly increasing and most people do not know what to do. The greater the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) per capita for any economy, greater is the stress. Where people work for a living they are experiencing 'Burn-Out' and those that are living off the state such as resource rich economies possessing oil and gas, the population are experiencing 'Rust-Out'.

Wealth has come, but not well being. Associates have come but not friends, illness care has come but not health, sex has come in abundance but love seems scarce. Religions boom but spirituality seems to have withered.

Now the fastest group growing in most societies are 'Helping agencies'. Many are NGOs (Non governmental agencies) many of them functioning for profit. More and more people jumping in to take advantage of human misery. Misery caused not by material want but by material excess.

The West has led in material and intellectual growth but declined rapidly in emotional and spiritual well being. While the East possesses great spiritual well being it hungers for material prosperity.

Surprisingly if one were to ask people 'How they felt?', usually the person from a less affluent or even relatively poorer region would say they were having a good time as compared to people from materially rich societies.

The world is truly round. The West prays for sanity and internal calmness the East is throwing away their spiritual wealth while praying for more modernity.

Amidst all this chaos and stress comes these invaluable thoughts of ancient wisdom practiced by traditional societies and communities concerned with harmony of humans with Mother Earth which encompasses people and their environment.

Learn, imbibe and experience life as it is meant to be experienced. To bring well being by being in harmony with oneself and our existence.


Excerpts from my upcoming book ~ 'Finding Success and Happiness'


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