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Eye of the Storm.

With winds reached speeds of 200 km/hr, two powerful cyclones, Taukate and Yaas lashed India in May 2021, leaving a trail of destruction in their path of awesome fury.

When storms come, one can only brace oneself. If we have anticipated and prepared for storms we will be better off, otherwise we have to pay the price of our lack of understanding of and respect for nature.

Our lives are just like these cyclones, we too can prepare and condition ourselves so as to escape the fury and remain unruffled by the storm that surrounds us.


Permit me to explain.

If one looks at a cyclone, the centre or what we call as the eye of the storm is strangely calm and quiet. Our being is just like that.

Right at the very centre is 'I', me, myself, all alone, calm and in bliss. External to that 'I',is all the turmoil that has originated from outside of me.

Family friends, enemies, associates, strangers, all can initiate a storm for us. If we keep ourselves at the centre of the storm we can remain composed and peaceful. If we move outwards towards the turmoil filled periphery, we could easily be inundated and swept away.

To survive it is important to have faith, in oneself, and in Creation and we will be alright. Let the great power sleeping within us awaken, take and keep us at the centre, where we remain unaffected by the storm manufactured by our own perception.

Death cannot be escaped. If the time to die has come then I will embrace death with peace and joy. If death it is not, then to remember that whatever challenges that does not destroy me will only makes me stronger.

Having gone through very difficult times, I now laugh at the uselessness of my worry, having learnt that nothing is permanent, every storm will pass.

Our lives are nothing more than energy at play. This energy is within and without us. Over what is outside we have no control, but what lies within us is the same universe over which we can claim and have mastery over.

All successful and happy individuals have been able to draw upon the powers of the Universe not from the outside but from within.

The one who draws on the energy of the outside is a slave, the one who draws the energy from within is a master.


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