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Hand washing is useless, unless ..

With the rapid spread of the highly contagious CCP virus (COVID-19), medical experts have told us we must wash hands more often.

It is a very good suggestion not only now but always to maintain hand hygiene even in routine course, if we wish to stop the spread of disease.

A friend sent me a BBC news report that shocked researchers, that what we thought are clean hands in Britain are actually quite dirty. The report prepared by hygiene experts from Queen Mary, University of London (QMUL) and the [London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) report that.

25% of British people have faecal matter on their hands, 14% of bank notes and 10% of Credit cards have faecal matter and hence, lots of germs because of not washing hands. 

In general 11% of Britishers have hands so contaminated that the level of harmful germs is higher than that of a dirty toilet bowl. 

Horrified, I wanted to find out why this was so. 

My research shows the primary reason is that most Britishers believe that they live in very clean environments, so they really do not need to wash their hands.

Further investigation by me revealed that the way we wash our hands is also important.

I found this very good illustration by Taylor LJ which I am sharing with you. 

Remember washing hands is useless we are not doing it right.

Be hygienic, be safe, be healthy.

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