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How a Polish Potato Farmer prevented World War III

On 15 November 2022, a Ukrainian S-300 air defence missile struck a farm in the sleepy Polish village of Przewodów (population of 413) near the border with Ukraine and Belarus.

NATO, the governments and media in the collective West immediately claimed it as an attack on Poland by Russia. Ukrainian President Zelensky and Polish president Andrzej Duda demanded an immediate emergency meeting to invoke article 5 of NATO's charter. This clause obliges NATO members to militarily support and join any country attacked by a non NATO country, in this case it was alleged to be Russia.

When photographic and video images appeared on the internet posted by a local potato farmer on the site, it was clear to see that the wreckage which killed two farmers was a Soviet made S-300 air defence missile manufactured in early 1980s and currently being used by the Ukrainian forces.

Some very disturbing questions arise, and demonstrates why Zelensky and his coterie and his Polish parters are so dangerous. They will tell any lie and even risk World War to somehow prevail in this conflict.

Some facts.

  • Przewodów is located on the same longitude of Lviv in Ukraine and the same latitude of Kiev Ukraine. The idea is to claim that Russia deliberately made a deliberate or an error in target programming of the missile.

  • Przewodów is also the location of a depot which stores fairly large quantities of highly combustible Ammonium Nitrate fertiliser. Had the Ukrainian missile struck this depot the entire village of 413 people would have been blown up without any trace.

  • Przewodów is located West of Lviv whereas Russian missile attacks come from the East. This begs the question, 'Why were the S300 missiles travelling West away from the incoming Russian missile from the East if it was trying to shoot it down?'

It is clear that this was a deliberate attack by Ukraine on Poland in collusion with some NATO and Polish leaders. This is why even when the American government the Pentagon and many experts that this was a Ukrainian missile, President Zelensky and Polish president and their minions continued to insist that it was a Russian attack on Poland.

One can only shudder to think that the collective West is supporting and partnering with such insane people that are somehow trying to trigger World War III.

This is not the first time the Ukrainians under Zelensky's leadership have fabricated lies so as to get the West directly involved in the conflict in Ukraine, even if it means triggering World War.

It is now high time that the West insist that Ukraine sit down and negotiate a peace settlement rather than stoking the fires of war and destroying Ukraine and impoverishing the brave but helpless Ukrainian people.


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