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In all societies, animal or human, communication is so vital, that without it, the society would simply collapse.

We may not realise it but all communication is actually designed to get others to do something.

Why is it that so much teaching and messaging never gets through and we fail to see any action?

Erroneously most people believe that a broadcast is communication. A broadcast is simply the emission or sending a message, whereas communication is a two step process, wherein the broadcast is received and accepted by the recipient.

A broadcast rarely leads to action, whereas a communication has the great possibility to stir emotions and hence lead to action.

It is important to remember that,

Thoughts emanate in the mind.

If you want thoughts to be enhanced then tickle the mind.

Actions emanate from the body and are driven by emotion.

If you want action then stimulate the emotion.

This is why politics, religion, etc. have so much power. They work on the emotion rather than intelligence and reason. This is also why sometimes art, music and literature can be so influential.

This also helps explain why mass education in our schools, professional management in our businesses and organisations, and government bureaucracies have so little power to drive real change and realise impact.

Not all action is productive, nor always leads to progress and success.

Great things happen only when learning is mated with passion.


From my seminar and upcoming book 'Effective Communication and Conversation'

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