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Interpretation is a function of power not truth.

History is written by the winners. Those who win are the ones in power.

They will always interpret everything through their lens and often distort it to exaggerate their achievements and strengths while minimising their own flaws and weaknesses.

The unawakened but usually educated mind often make the mistake of assuming that what we see in print or television media, or written in history books is the truth. The intelligent mind always probes further and tries to connect the dots and ascertain the truth.

Those who are in power and those who dominate the religious, political, social, economic and military space and narrative will not let go of their vice like grip easily and try to destroy anyone who questions it leave alone challenges it.

Therefore even if one discovers the truth, one should not be foolhardy to try and confront them directly. If one should desire to proceed then one must do so with intelligence to ensure achievements of one's objectives and goals.

As humanity marches into the 21st century, the world is in greater turmoil because of tectonic shift in religious, political, economic, social and military power. Old interpretations based on abuse and exploitation by colonial powers, monotheist religions, patriarchal societies, giant corporations and inappropriate political thinking will now be radically reinterpreted and widely accepted.

Be prepared for a roller coaster ride in the new world radically different from the past.


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