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Long Live Social Media

When there is only channel of news, it is the only news.

In the era of mass communication only a select few channels provided us news and information. Democratic constitutions granted freedom to the press so that they would enjoy great protection to speak the truth with fear.

Great power and influence concentrated in the hands of just a few leads to great corruption. Corruption of the body, the mind, and the soul, and when that happens the truth is the last thing on the mind.

The press or what we can call the main stream media naturally cannot escape this curse. They may have been corrupted, but do we have to permit them to corrupt our minds and hearts too?

Earlier we could only wring our hands, but social media offers a great opportunity to be democratic. Social media represents the voice of the unheard.

Have you ever wondered why newspapers are going out of business? They are losing relevance, relevance of cost and most of all relevance of reporting factual and credible news.

I like to arrive at my own conclusions from information that I pursue rather than have opinions and 'facts' manufactured and beamed to me.

Preferring Social Media, I do not follow main stream media anymore, maybe you too should consider it if you are already not doing so.

There is a clamour for restricting & controlling social media. And who is making these demands, 'The Press' the very people who hid behind the protection of the law to maintain freedom of expression. They turned the law into a facade and now as this facade is ripped apart by the truth they cower in their nakedness demanding protection to them.


Yes social media has a voice, but it comes with a lot of noise. Just like in all relationships, one has to hone in and decide, who is it that are worthy of being heard.


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