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Love is dead.

Updated: Apr 1

Everyone it seems is looking for love but few find it.

How can you find on the outside, something that we inherently possess?

Love simply is. We seek love outside when it is already present within ourselves. We have abandoned the heart, choosing to work through our minds in the matter of love.

This is why love is trapped, quarantined and buried at an unfathomable depth.

Desiring another or lusting for them is not love, and neither is sex, love.

Those who love, do so without knowing why or without a motive.

The moment we expect something in return it becomes a transaction, and a transaction is always about the business of give and take, which is a matter of the mind not of the heart.

Love is an unconditional outpouring of positive energy.

Love is a giving, an overflowing of care, compassion, and friendliness, and is the result of our nature, not an act that we perform. When we merely perform, we flit from one relationship to another, one transaction to the next. We fall in and out of love with other people, creatures and things. When love is our nature it is more permanent. When our actions are premeditated they can be changed and even reversed in a jiffy.

How exactly have we killed love? We have used love, abused it, twisted and tortured it and made it into a commodity and a tool.

When something becomes a commodity its value keeps on decreasing with time and demand. Demand attracts more players who seek to harness whatever profit they can from it. Over-marketed, love has become topical, the stuff of dreams and mysteries far removed from the truth.

Writers, poets, artists, actors, cinema, television and the media have since time immemorial screwed up our minds and conjured up unrealistic expectations of love. They have made love the most desirable thing in life and the world has been running around in circles looking for love from the outside. Naturally, such an approach never delivers love.

Love is indeed blind and very foolish. It has to be.

This is why we find it difficult to love, we usually lack the courage to let go. So we pretend.

I stopped pretending many years ago, but few believe me. While I have changed many others still play the pretend love game.

When we do love, every moment will feel like a day, a day filled with joy and peace.

The question is, 'Can we afford to love?'

I ask because there is a paradox. If we journey on the path of love without taking our minds with us, we are likely to encounter great danger from society. That is a fate most of us are not that courageous to embrace.


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