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The new Churchill will soon have to depart.

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances ......"

Desperate for positive change, the people of Europe's most corrupt country, the Ukrainians in 2019 voted into Presidential office Volodymyr Zelensky. A young charismatic actor and comedian with no former political experience nor criminal record. Unlike the existing politicians, Zelensky had convinced the masses through his major role in TV serial that he was the man to lead and unite Ukraine.

Zelensky is no leader, but he has been touted as one. He is even compared to Winston Churchill, Napoleon etc. by politicians like former British PM Boris Johnson. His great capacity and capabilities are all manufactured by politicians and the media.

As the rubber hits the road the brave Ukrainians are caught between several enemies. The Russians in front of them, the terrible weather above them and the West financed and vicious neo-Nazi Ukrainians known as 'Banderites' behind them. Ukrainian society and military stand no chance, unless they pursue peace negotiations. But the Ukrainian leaders have boxed themselves in so badly that even discussions are not possible.

Even at the risk of being labelled all sorts of bad things, people like myself have dared to write about the immorality and insanity of prodding Ukraine to antagonise and threaten Russia provoking it to respond.

After the death of more than 480,000 soldiers with an estimated equal number injured, maimed for life, hundreds of billions of dollars of expenditure the destruction of Ukraine as a viable State is now undeniable.

The West stands at a cross road, they have to choose one of several options, non of them palatable.

  1. They can either keep on fuelling the war with massive infusions of funds and weapons of which there is a dwindling amount available.

  2. Or they can call a truce but that means swallowing their pride and blackened faces as they will struggle to explain to the world what this tragic charade was all about.

  3. There is a third option of doing nothing and letting the situation rot and fade away. We already find that news about Ukraine has almost left the media and political space in the West. But Ukraine is a real country with real challenges, what will they do

Whatever option the West chooses, the prestige and fear with which the rest of the world has until now regarded America and Europe will be greatly diminished, perhaps forever.

Personally many leaders in America, Europe and elsewhere will be disgraced by the emerging outcomes. They will be joining Zelensky in getting ejected with ignominy. There time is up, these actors will have to soon exit the stage.

Even after the exit of Zelensky and war mongers, I would not get my hopes too high.

Tomorrow will bring other days, other actors and other insanities.


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