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Meet Sadiq Khan

Rahul Gandhi issues a clarification to Pakistan about Kashmir

"I disapprove of what you say, but will defend to the death your right to say it."

Mr. Sadiq Khan a lawyer is the current mayor of London. He makes a living handling matters for the British people and serving the city of London. Yet he blatantly betrays that trust reposed in him by them by his utterances, actions and inactions.

Recently Pakistani hooligans mobbed and vandalised the premises of the Indian High Commission in London and attacked people with tomatoes, eggs etc.

Sadiq Khan by deliberately permitting the perpetuation of crimes of violence and hate he and his political colleagues and turning a blind eye to what transpired reveals where his loyalties lie.

Well if the British Crown and the citizens of London are by acts of errors and omissions supporting not only the dereliction of his duties, then good luck to them. I do hope the clever British do realise that every action will result in a reaction.

Indians are far too intelligent and sophisticated to adopt the hooliganism that Pakistani supporters adopt. People of India and Indian origin will react not directly but a reaction will occur which will come back to haunt the labour party, the citizens of London and Great Britain itself.

Well good luck to them, if they permit Sadiq Khan to behave more like the mayor of Islamabad rather than that great city of London


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