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Pakistan, The Cradle of Terrorism.

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

We often make the mistake of attacking the symptoms rather than the disease.

Afghanistan is significantly past ruin, and worse is still yet to some, and the main culprit is Pakistan.

In an interview with Mehdi Hasan of Al Jazeera Asad Durrani the former head of Pakistan's infamous spy agency ISI, reply to the interviewer on why Pakistan was double crossing America by taking American money but actually supporting Taliban terrorist against America itself. He boasted, "If you cannot ride two horses at the same time, you have no business being in the circus."

To understand the situation we have to look at the idea of Pakistan, its birth and purpose of existence. It was not that Muslims could not live in a modern secular India but they wanted to recreate a true Islamic Caliphate like that which existed during the reign of their prophet Muhammad.

Pakistani founders drew up plans to use the vehicle of Jihad to convert all of India to Islam and then the rest of the world so as to rule it as one gigantic Caliphate, with Jinnah (a Shia) being the first Caliph and Emir.

There is no literal translation in any other language for the Islamic term 'Jihad'.

Jihad does not mean struggle rather it means the total destruction of physical, material, intellectual and spiritual systems of all Kafirs (non believers in Islam), that is, the destruction if not the enslavement of all those who stood in the way of the Pakistani led Caliphate.

Unfortunately Pakistani culture has bred a society of people who are probably the most corrupt, insincere and dishonest in the world, which has led them to become mostly a nation of beggars, with no credibility in the world. It cannot afford conventional wars, but it has found a cheap solution in Jihad, exploiting the desperate people of the region to fight against everyone, even amongst themselves. That is why Pakistan has constantly marched towards global destruction goals bankrolled by America and the Arab Gulf States. They believed that they could ride this vicious double crossing serpent called Pakistan but have been proved foolish, even stupid in this assumption.

The constitution currently tabled by the Taliban in Afghanistan, is not much different from the Pakistani one originally proposed and informally adopted, except they currently do not have ambitions at this time for the Afghan Emir to become the Caliph of the entire Muslim world.

Afghanistan openly supported and dominated by Pakistani and its stooges within the Taliban leadership like the Haqqani family has begun the genocide of all non muslims, non Sunni muslims like the Shias, and even Sunni Muslims not following a particular very orthodox type of Sunni Islam.

This is why Pakistan prime minister has become the greatest spokesman for the Afghan Taliban for the world to recognise the Taliban regime and give them money.

The world is at a crossroad. If they recognise and support the Taliban and thus Pakistan, they are opening the doors to hell which is at the moment just ajar. Once fully opened all hell will break loose, for the current wave of terror will become a terror tsunami, which will imperil the whole world. Make no mistake it will be the irreversible destruction of humanity.

On the other hand if the world powers that be, fail to support a government in Kabul, many Afghans will suffer from cold and starvation and civil uprising.

Pakistan state may be rapidly failing, but Pakistani society, which is very resilient has a much better capacity to cope, at least for some more time.

Pakistan is an artificial construct throwing groups of Muslims together hoping to create the Islamic melting pot that supposedly spearheads the global Ummah. However in reality it is a putrid salad with 4 regions of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North West Frontier Province), and also Pakistan occupied Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan desperately wanting independence from Punjab the heartland, the main province of Pakistan. Bangladesh has already separated from Pakistan and the natural fault lines need to be exploited to create states independent from Punjabi Pakistan. This will produce a Pakistan less toxic and limited in its ability wreak destruction, and ensure a bright future for the other states and their people trapped within Pakistan. It will also help liberate Afghanistan and her people from Pakistan's destructive clutches.

The urgent requirement is for the world community led by America unite to sanction Pakistan, thus economically and politically isolate Pakistan, it would severely incapacitate Pakistan's ability to do mischief and cause harm to the world, and the global Muslim community.


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