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‘Political Correctness’ screws up life.

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

'Political Correctness' specifies what is considered as the appropriate way for members of society to dress, speak, and behave both in private and in public.

Power within every society or organisation is always concentrated in the hands of a small minority. This is why Political Correctness, has remained the most powerful weapon used by political and religious leaders and their forces to control the majority of the members of society.

A culture can be defined by its Political Correctness. Generally the greater the demand for correctness, the greater is the control of political and religious forces on the lives of members of society.

The best way for political and religious leaders to retain control over members of society is to impose as many restrictions as is possible on the people, particularly women. Why the great emphasis on control of women? This is because when one controls the man, one tends to control an individual, but when one controls a woman one can usually control an entire family.

One should view with great suspicion people and self proclaimed leaders who demand political correctness, for with these demands they have begun to impose dictatorial control over our lives.

Political Correctness has always been around, and imposed through followers of organised religion. It it has become prominent only recently with the increase in production, and distribution of news, information and entertainment through various media channels. It has also become a very powerful tool in conditioning of youngsters within educational institutions.

Political correctness appears as a reasonable restriction or demand on behaviour and the use of particular language, but in reality it is an attempt to muzzle thought.

One of the greatest victims of political correctness is humour and comedy. Laughter and happiness are defining features of human existence irrespective of culture. A society that cannot laugh freely is a dead or dying society. Only a free and living society can laugh with abandon, and only an evolved human being can laugh at himself or herself.

"Against the onslaught of humour, no force can withstand" said Mark Twain.

Have you laughed or been able to speak what you think and believe yesterday?

If not, then you may have already been politically corrected.


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1 Comment

Feb 19, 2022

Excellent observation. Many thanks.


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