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Qatar, the headquarters of global terror

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Many terrorist organisations, violent and destructive in their stated charter including the terrorist organisation Hamas have their swanky headquarters in Doha, Qatar.

Qatar openly supports and provides a political and financial base to Islamist terrorist groups from Khartoum to Kandahar. Qatar provides these terrorist outfits funds, facilities, diplomatic cover and active media platforms of 'Al Jazeera' media networks.

Qatar believes every entity legitimate or illegitimate, state or terrorist, government or rebel should talk and be heard. Qatar functions as an international conference centre for terrorist leadership and supports them so that they are heard, provided they do Qatar's bidding.

A question arises here.

Why is Qatar in bed with every radical, extremist terrorist Islamic non-state actor in the Middle East, Africa and Asia?

The Islamic world of 57 Muslim countries is organised around the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). Founded in 1972, OIC is led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The OIC supports the Islamic world and seeks to care for Muslims.

Until 3 decades ago, the promotion of Islam was mainly through the imposition of Shariah (Islamic law and practice) and Jihad of various kinds directed mainly by clerics and religious fanatics. It has been successful because the West led by America supported it. Now radical Islam is in direct conflict with the West.

Islamic countries with their rigid 1000-year-old ways are pitted against the modern institutions, technology, finance and military of the West as a result the Muslim world increasingly lags behind the rest of the world.

With the advent of a new generation of leaders Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and Sheikh Mohamad bin Zayed of the UAE, the two wealthiest and most influential members of the Muslim world the trajectory of Islam has been changing to make Islam more acceptable and the Muslim world more progressive.

We are witnessing the shift from a radical Islamist approach towards a more moderate and de-radicalised Islamic world. This is in an effort to bring the Muslim world into the 21st Century and prepare it for the days when the Middle East has no more oil and gas to finance the spread of Islam.

That means the leadership of radical Islam is open. It has 3 contenders, Turkey, Iran and Qatar.

Turkey and Iran both have the manpower, civilisational depth, and historical antecedents to lead but not the financial and military resources to be the undisputed leaders of the Muslim world.

Wealthy Qatar is a relative latecomer on the global stage with a tiny population of just over 330,000. It possesses one of the largest natural gas deposits in the world. However, it lacks dedicated manpower, military muscle and global acceptance.

Qatar constantly faces the threat of being gobbled up either by Iran, Turkey or Saudi Arabia. So it decided to team up with America and buy its protection. Qatar has spent US$ 6bn and intends to invest a total of US$ 8.4bn to host a US forward military base at Al Udeid, and contributes vast sums annually towards its operational expenses. Qatar is designated as a 'major non-Nato ally'.

Qatar may have only 11,800 members in its armed forces but it has developed deep political, financial and military ties with virtually every known Islamic rebel group in the world. This gives Qatar tremendous influence over a huge army of independent terrorist fighters that can menace any group hostile to Qatar or not acting in line with Qatari ambitions.

Qatar is an Islamic terror apologist regime.

Tiny Qatar can thus have its cake and eat it too.

Qatar has a secret weapon called Al Jazeera Media Network (AJMN).

'Al Jazeera' a Qatari state-owned media conglomerate was set up by acquiring in 1996, BBC's Middle East Bureau along with its BBC Arabic channel.

Launched in 1997 Al Jazeera has acted as the mouthpiece for every Islamic terrorist group and rebel group. It has supported Al Qaeda, ISIS, Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Nusra, etc. etc.

They broadcast the message of rebels and terrorists to the world to incite further revolutions and rebellions from the outside. They also harass any regime that protests or acts against radical Islam.

Qatar is the 5-star headquarters for Islamic Jihad. But can it do it with such impunity and get away with it? Yes because it has the backing of the USA and many rebels see it as a safe haven to confabulate amongst themselves and with their enemies.

Hamas was founded in Gaza in 1987, it moved its base to Aman in Jordan where they outlived their welcome and Hamas was banned by Jordan in 1999. They then shifted their base to Damascus, Syria. In 2011 America, the EU and Israel began a regime change in Syria. They roped in ISIS fighters from the region along with Hamas to bring down Assad's regime in Syria.

With concurrence from the USA and Israel, Hamas shifted its Headquarters and base to Doha in Qatar in 2012, from where they all cooperated to bring down Asad and other regimes they do not like or want.

Qatar by its own statements, the government has to date, poured £2.1bn into Gaza, yet the standard of living of Gazans is MeagrE. Qatar has also directly financed Hamas with US$ 400 million over the past 5 years.

A study of the murky dealings between the various forces and players active and operating in the Middle East. on cannot fail to realise that when it comes to matters of wealth and power, all leaders and countries are of the same religion.


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