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Regime change is coming, but not in Russia.

Biden has been perceived as the leader of the American led world order.

Biden is supported by a coterie of about 20,000 Globalists who use the power, legacy, resources and the population of America, Canada, European Union, Australia and Japan to establish a world order, which they will rule, absolutely.

At the helm of affairs, the globalists are supported by Main Stream Media elites such as The New York Times,The Guardian, The Financial Times etc. NGOs like George Soros and Big Tech like Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.

Since the end of the 'Cold War', these globalists have been on a rampage in intervening and destroying civilisations and countries and spreading destruction and misery. The list is long and includes Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and now Georgia and Ukraine, Each intervention has enhanced the power and wealth of these globalists but greatly diminished the moral, financial, and military leadership of America, Europe and their allies.

The last two major hurdles the globalist have to overcome are the destruction of the nationalistic regimes of Russia and China. Destroy rivals and plunder their resources. Sadly, all this being done in the name of 'democracy', 'fight against terror', fight against 'weapons of mass destruction' etc.

American leadership and their allies recognise that their military might has greatly diminished relative to other rising and risen powers such as Russia and China.

So America in collaboration with the EU increasingly resorts to the use of their financial power, and control of the global rules based order and manipulation of every multilateral institution in the world, to wage economic war on any country that dares to differ with America.

However rules work only when countries follow the rules, otherwise it is just an illusion. When custodians of the system permit their individual aspirations and ego interfere with their duty to serve and protect their own populations, opposition grows and then revolutions occur.

Globalists are both visible and invisible. The visible part are Joe Biden and his former boss Obama, Hillary Clinton etc. and the top political, government, judicial, technology and media leadership of America and Europe. The invisible part are present in legitimate and illegitimate business groups, terrorist organisations, NGOs, Aid organisations, powerful financiers, technology and media companies and of course leadership of the law enforcement agencies in America and Europe. They are what is loosely called the 'Deep State'

The political survival of Biden and most European Union leaders depends greatly on them meeting the aspirations and plans of the Globalists and the deep state.

The badly conceptualised, led and implemented strategy to recover from COVID and to contain and enslave Russian economy has resulted in great stress to America, EU and their allies, partners and vassals and the loss of prestige and real power.

Heads will roll and the first will be Joe Biden and his team.

Globalists until now have had a virtual freehand in indulging in all sorts of irresponsible behaviour, and provocations have had to compensate by printing vast amount of currency to keep afloat their economies that have set Europe and America to experience inflation, impoverishing their populations.

Now the launching of their economic blitzkrieg to effect regime change in Russia by collapsing the Russian economy, stealing US$400 billion of Russia's foreign currency reserves and gold has backfired and is now bringing unprecedented agony to their own economies and population.

While Biden's poll numbers and acceptance of his leadership have plunged to 34% in America it has risen to 83% for Vladimir Putin in Russia. The US and European economy are sliding downwards with shortages of food, energy and all sorts of vital commodities. Russian economy is stable with adequate food and energy etc.

There are no winners in a war, only losers.

Russia under Putin and their team will be able to weather the economic war of attrition the USA will be badly mauled Europe in particular is likely to go through a period of Stagflation, a period of high inflation and negative to stagnant economic growth.

The Deep State has already started openly criticising Biden and the Globalist control Main Stream Media has started acknowledging and even revealing aspects of Biden himself and his notorious son Hunter's illegal activities in Ukraine and China that are grossly illegal and mostly criminal. It is certain that the American Deep State is going to throw Biden under the bus, and pin all the blame for their failed policies on Biden.

It is widely speculated that the incompetent cackling Vice President Kamala Harris, an accidental and scorned politician will take charge with Obama (who never really left the White House) behind the scene continuing to directly control the US Presidency.

European and American populations many of whom are themselves suffering from great economic distress, have little or no appetite to see their lives and their families be sacrificed for matters that have no relevance to them and their country, their own future and security. Popular demand will ensure that Biden will not only be fired from his post, but in all likelihood be tried for a whole host of crimes.

Globalists have been burning done other countries will discover that they have burnt their own country. Except for a few fall guys, these leaders will remain nameless and unharmed. For the American public impeaching a president can do precious little to restore America self respect nor help them come out of the steep dive in their living standards.

So much for regime change.

The Globalists and America may finally realise the futility of using economic sanctions to effect regime change, but I would not bet on that.


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