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Relations with America can only be either dangerous or fatal.

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

It is difficult to fathom what America thought and why it acted in the way it did, when it went into and then suddenly pulled out of Afghanistan. Whatever be the justification, America by its acts of friendship and enmity has devastated Afghanistan and fed the Afghan people to beasts.

Friendship with America is impossible for friendship can exist only amongst equals and America never wants anyone equal to it.

That is why American leaders themselves like to say, 'America does not have permanent friends or permanent enemies, they have only permanent interests'. And what are those permanent interests?

The permanent interests is only one, 'to increase the power and the wealth of the American deep state'. The deep state being the powerful nexus between political, bureaucratic, financial, military, technology, industrial and media leaders.

The governments and the people of rest of the world are mere pawns, and none more than the American people themselves.


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