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Resist or Embrace?

All matter is nothing more than a an accumulation of energy in one form or another. Constantly shifting, accumulating and dissipating, there is nothing in all existence but manifested energy.

We are all part of that same universal energy, described in every culture, civilisation and society. In every religion this universal energy is called God, The various manifestations and dimensions of this universal energy which we experience or sense we call gods and goddesses.

If we wish to discover the secrets of the universe, it is necessary to visualise and experience it in terms of energy.

Whilst energy can never be created nor destroyed it can however just as we witness in the example of electromagnetism, energy can be attracted and channeled.

When we pray or wish, hope and pursue a goal or objective, we are in fact seeking to draw energy from the Universe and direct it to the object of our desire or what we wish for. This is the power of focus of energy we witness as in prayer. It is not the deity nor the religion, but the act of channelising of energy that helps in bringing about change.

Energy is non judgemental, it has no morality, no desire, no friends and no enemies, energy just is, a fact. That is why we can tap into the universe and channelise energy not only for positive purposes of creativity, love, compassion, service but even for negative expectations such fuelled by hate, enmity, jealousy and destruction etc.

That is why the opposite of love is not hate but indifference.

When we hate someone or resist something just as when we love, we are in fact drawing more energy towards that element.

The difference is when we resist it persists and troubles, when we embrace it is a loving, either way in the end we will merge and dissolve back into that universal energy from which everything emerges.


This is an extract from my seminar and also my upcoming book on 'Achieving Success and Realising Happiness'

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