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Screw Ukraine - Screw the World, Plan 'X' - World War@Ukraine

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Plan 'X' - Screw Ukraine, Screw the World.

If it is apparent that all the plans launched by the collective West to destroy Russia are failing spectacularly and if spunky Ukraine a non NATO or EU member, never had nor will ever have any prospect of winning in any conflict with Russia, then it begs the questions,

  • Why does Ukraine led by Zelensky, and heckled on by America and Europe insist on conflict rather than to honour previous commitments and enter into serious peace talks now?

  • Why do Western governments and media persistently churn out fabrications of Ukrainian military triumphs and Russian devastation, and raise public support for the war?

  • Why the insistence by the West to throw vast amounts of funds, weapons military aid to Ukraine to prolong the war?

  • Why in addition to the US$ 20 billion already sent, massive additional funds of an estimated US$ 84 billion from USA, EU, Britain, and G7 countries are being sent for fuelling the un-winnable and fruitless conflict, even as their own economies and populations are suffering?

  • Why an additional US$ 1.1 billion each month is being sent to keep the Ukrainian government solvent.

Well the answers should not surprise us,

Ukraine is the Holy Grail of international corruption. The money goes to an opaque Ukraine as aid and much of it flows right back through various means with the help of Ukrainian politicians, officials and oligarchs to lawmakers and bureaucrats in America and Europe.

  • By way of campaign donations.

  • Lobbying (this is legal in America and Ukraine is the top donor)

  • Contribution to foundations and NGOs controlled by these lawmakers and bureaucrats

  • In stakes and interests in Ukrainian businesses particularly in the energy sector (Ref: Burisma )

  • By purchase of weapons and systems from the US military-industrial complex, who in turn take care of the lawmakers and bureaucrats.

There is little or no accounting of the funds and weapons. As a result a significant portion of weapons are diverted into the international black market and aid is diverted to Oligarchs and politicians, with the proceeds looping right back to aid providers after laundering them in Ukraine and various tax havens.

Where does the money and 'Aid' actually go?

It is reliably estimated that,

  • Almost 25% of the money sanctioned will not even be sent to Ukraine but rather go to pet programs and NGOs of lawmakers and their cronies so as to buy support, even though they have nothing to do with the war in Ukraine.

  • About 40% will go to Ukraine and sent back to the Military Industrial Complexes in Europe and mostly America to manufacture and supply new weapons and systems.

  • About 15% of the aid, will be sent to Ukraine but looped back as kickbacks and bribes to select lawmakers and executives in the countries providing the 'aid'.

  • About 15% will be siphoned off by Ukrainian leadership.

  • Finally, about 5% will go towards the needs of the Ukraine and her desperate people.

The urgency with which these are being pushed through without adequate oversight is indication enough that these corrupt leaders and bureaucrats know that the time window for transferring money to Ukraine and siphoning it back, is rapidly closing. Europe has borrowed 15 billion Euros from the financial market and the U.K. has dipped into its emergency funds and sending GBP 1.5 to send immediately to Ukraine (not counting the huge amounts of Euro 9 billion and GBP 1 billion already sent to Ukraine since the start of the war.

While the world and the citizens particularly in the West are outraged, and make sacrifices which they can ill afford, their leaders and their henchmen are running all the way to the bank and to tax havens where their ill gotten gains will be stashed for their use in the next heist and scam.

The longer Zelensky dithers and awaits instructions from his Globalist puppet masters in Washington and Europe to sit down and seriously negotiate peace terms, which the Ukrainians have shown no serious intent, the greater the damage to Ukraine and the whole world.

So much for democracy and the free world.

Those who do not hold their leaders to account must keep on suffering, until they can suffer no more. Then ....


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