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The ‘Hot Pan Effect’ to maintain discipline

Updated: Jul 8

Nature is chaotic.

However, Man, the social creature needs order amongst members of the family, tribe and extended tribe to survive and thrive. This means a system of protocols that are adequate to meet needs.

What is the use of a good system of rules, laws and protocols that are never followed? This is why compliance with a system is vital.

'Discipline' means, compliance to an agreed or commonly accepted system that we adopt for ourselves, our family, society, organisation, etc.

Ensuring discipline is easier said than done. The challenge is, 'how to ensure discipline and obtain compliance'.

A carrot-and-stick approach usually obtains compliance, a reward for compliance or a punishment for failure to comply.

The 'Hot Pan Effect' approach is not to use but rather show the stick. As a consequence, everyone gets more carrots and rewards.

Take the example of the tiny country of Singapore. This 'Hot Pan Effect' approach has made it probably the most disciplined society in the world providing prosperity and a very high quality of life for its residents.

As families, organisations and society progress design of and compliance to good systems become ingrained and part of the nature and culture of people. The 'Hot Pan Effect' becomes increasingly unnecessary. Disciplined people cope better in meeting and overcoming challenges and threats they face. Prime examples of this are the countries of Germany and Japan, which are probably the most disciplined societies in the world.

If you want to be successful, then be disciplined. Create a good system, follow the system and constantly improve the system.


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