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The New Art of War - Part 01. 'American Hegemony'

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Conflict is natural between and within species.

But only we humans have developed such high capacity and capability to wage war and trigger massive destruction. To call this an art is disgusting, but for leaders to understand and be able to protect people and resources it seems a necessity for them Hence we can be forgiven for calling it an 'art'.

Nature of finance, science, technology, information, supply chains, management, etc. have all evolved by leaps and bounds. Hence the nature and art of conflict has changed dramatically and many rules of the past are not applicable anymore. We will visit these aspects by the study of the conflict triggered by the trap prepared by the American elite for Russia in Ukraine.

What will be the outcome and what are the lessons we can learn?

Our study begins with America, which perceives itself as the sole superpower of the world.

Over the past century America has had an overpowering influence across the world. After World War II, in partnership with Canada and Europe, America has dominated and controlled much of the world. But only after containing its four greatest potential rivals, Germany and Japan, emasculating them and demonising the other two China and USSR.

In reality the American led West has all along been indulging in the continuation of colonialism but in a sophisticated manner. Like all forms of colonisation it is aimed at gaining control by seizing or taking control of assets, resources and markets.

Since past 30 years (after the collapse of the USSR) America has dropped its mask and brazenly converted all allies and even opponents into vassals and inconsiderately ruled the world completely unchallenged.

An empire by its very nature cannot accept a refusal to its demands nor can it tolerate a challenge to its power, no matter how insignificant it may be.

The best way to gain control is to never lose it. Empires forestall problems by preventing challengers and situations from arising in the very first place.

Any country or leader that has denied access, not met demands, failed to pledge fealty or allegiance to America has been the target of regime change initiatives. Coups, assassinations, riots, invasions, terrorism, etc. no nefarious act has been beyond the notorious reputation of the CIA. The CIA and other intelligence agencies exist not as ostensibly stated to 'serve and protect the American people and State' but to enhance the power and wealth of the American Deep State.

Thus American foreign policy, military, business, CIA etc. are designed to effect regime changes at will in any country that opposes American demands. Thus history of American foreign policy is rooted in global war and conflict. The pain and costs have always been paid by the targeted nation and ordinary American citizens, to enrich a minuscule group of American elites.

America the nation and its people, after World War II, have not only lost virtually every conflict that its leaders have engineered and engaged in directly or indirectly, it also lost prestige and squandered huge resources. But the members of the American Deep State have always benefitted handsomely.

Vietnam, Korea, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan etc. the infamous very long list of regime change attempts have always resulted in deaths of Americans. The lives they lost relatively small in numbers as compared to their prey, has always had an adverse political fallout at home.

Western democracies are highly allergic to see their citizens being brought back in body bags fighting overseas for some unclear objectives or for countries which most Westerners cannot even find on a map. All this happening whilst they suffer a huge drop in living standards.

So American leaders have learnt that they could politically not afford to be so brazen.

They have thus been compelled to become more sophisticated in their regime change attempts. These include,

  • Use proxies to fight their battles. Provide them with substantial financial, military and technology resources. Shield proxies politically on all international forums and provide favourable press using the most West owned, global media (by co-opting the media and Social media platforms into the Deep State). Conflicts and flash points in Serbia, Armenia, South Asia, Taiwan and Ukraine are prime examples.

  • Use religious bodies to condemn the government of target nations of intolerance and persecution.

  • Use various NGOs and Human Rights organisations, international bodies all indirectly funded and controlled by America to destabilise and condemn countries.

  • Use the bogie of terrorism, weapons of mass destruction etc. asa threat to global peace to condemn, sanction and attack the leadership of the targeted country.

  • Use the media completely dominated by the Western elites to vilify and condemn target countries. Allege curbs on so called democracy various freedoms and freedom of speech, freedom of protest (actually riot). Character assassination of leaders and organisations of the target.

Once the pliable world public has been brainwashed into so called 'truths' America and the West impose financial sanctions, seize assets, support at first clandestinely, then openly anti establishment players. Finally significant degradation of the target country and significant build up of American military power in that theatre of war get involved with no fly zones with boots and forces on the ground etc.

America possesses the leadership, resources, manpower, technology etc. all that is necessary to for it to be and remain a great power. But the Global and American elites have hijacked and robbed America of much of its greatness. Under these prevailing circumstances we will continue to witness America's decline.

Greedy and impatient, the elites have ensured American deindustrialisation, printed money recklessly and irresponsibly, wrecked and fragmented their society.

Once admired America now has a highly corrupt media, political class and government administration, devoted not in unifying people behind great purpose, but rather divide them on a million issues. A divided people can never remain great. All countries have corruption but America the world leader cannot afford to lose its halo.

An empire can lead only if others willingly follow or else it has to increasingly drive and force others.

That is why America has emerged undisputedly as the greatest conflict mongering nation in the world, that explains it losing global respect and clout. It also explains why followers of America are reducing both in ardour and numbers.

In desperation the American elites known as 'Neocons' (Neo Conservatives) will leave no stone unturned to ensure American hegemony. The actions of America and the responses of others will reveal to us the new art of war.

Make no mistake, America will remain the leading country for at least another 50 years

due to a variety of its inherent strengths. However under its current leadership structure and on its present trajectory, its days as the sole economic and military superpower in a unipolar world are about to come to an end very shortly. end very shortly.


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