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The Possibility to Spiritual Awaken

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

What can we do to spiritually awaken?

Our energy is present in every cell of our being, not in distinctive parts but as an integrated whole. Treating a part per se will not bring about wellness, it may give relief from a malady for a while but wellness remains elusive.

The human body is made up of approx. 37 trillion cells, all born from a single cell originating within the womb. All these cells are interconnected and integrated as a holistic whole.

Nourish the spirit and it heals the malady afflicting both the body and the mind and the entire being.

A healthy or developed spirit is vital for a healthy mind and body and to heal it when things go amiss.

Religion is supposed to facilitate that, and that is what the Gurus, Masters and Avatars sought to convey. Unfortunately, because religion so powerfully captures the human mind, it has always attracted a lot of bad people, and now most of them have hijacked religion. How can they who are themselves so starved of well-being heal others?

In an increasingly 'modern' world, the messages of great spiritual masters have been almost completely lost. Our reduced consciousness renders the human spirit much weaker than it has ever been.

Yet there is hope, for no matter how much we may fall, the vital spiritual link with the universal energy, Creation which we commonly know as Waheguru, Ram, Allah, God etc., never breaks. We just forget how to connect.

Making reconnection is not difficult. Our soul has to be connected not from the outside of our being by the body or the mind. It has to be done from within by awakening, activating and enhancing our consciousness.

Contemplation and meditation make this feasible, almost always only with the help of a true master.

In desperation, many rather than seek hunt for a master. Many are cheated because their overeagerness blinds them to true masters and they end up nowhere or even spiritually regress.

The genuine Guru or Master can channel more of the universe's energy towards the disciple's consciousness. Be rest assured that if the seeking is sincere and efforts are made, true masters keep on coming emerging and leaving helping us to make spiritual progress.

How will we know who is a true Spiritual Master?

  • A Master neither needs nor wants anything from us, except our spiritual progress.

  • A master never demands any material benefit nor charges a fee.

  • A Master however may choose to receive a gift if presented one. (If accepted the Master will usually gift it in turn to someone needy of that gift.)

  • A Master lives frugally and simply even if within a palace.

  • A Master never condemns anyone or anything. They accept creation in all forms.

  • A master awakens and enlightens and does not command or drive a person.

  • A Master draws to himself or herself seekers, not followers. Not to gather numbers but to awaken them.

It is not that a spiritual person does not face problems or will never die. It just gives us this enormous capacity to live completely, successfully, with total awareness. To live in harmony with existence as long as we exist. To finally leave this body peacefully and without conflict when the time comes for our departure.


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