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They all spy, but China, it will ...

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

To advance their own cause and to protect their interests, leaders and managers of every organisation need prompt and accurate information on what is happening both within and outside their organisations.

A lot of information is in the public domain and openly available, and a lot of it has to be sourced clandestinely, this is called spying. 

To know plans and intent of those being spied upon, one has to sift through both information and disinformation. To glean facts out of that information is called intelligence, in the world of espionage.

Any organisation and country worth its salt has to have good spying and intelligence capabilities and capacity, it's not a choice, but a necessity.

However, information while useful is mostly misused.

Due to fear, blackmail, greed or ideological reasons., a majority of conflicts and competitions are lost because of betrayal, by people within.  So spying on one's own people is irresistibly tempting.

Human espionage is the use of spies to eavesdrop or mingle with the targets to dig out information and report back. This type of information gathering is expensive, time consuming and adulterated by personal biases of the spies.

Nowadays, we spend a majority of our time interacting with computers and technology than with other humans. Unfortunately every internet search, comment, conversation or transaction that we take part in, leaves an electronic signature, an electronic trail that can trace the who all, what, where and when of the entire transaction. 

The successful interception and analysis of information across Carriers, Apps, Data storage, Devices, Cables etc. is called technical intelligence. Like all modern systems it is highly sophisticated at the backend that is use and operation is relatively simple and costs very little.

Using the technology of leading competitors like Japan, Europe  Korea and America themselves, China has not only replaced the former leaders in manufacture and supply of these services and products, but them heavily dependent on China.

China has now invaded the cyberspace of every country, major organisation and majority of the world's population. What was once the forte of the American intelligence agencies like  National Security Agency (NSA) to view and review everything that happens, and to shape the future has now fallen way behind Chinese global surveillance and control.

In democracies, it is accepted that spying on both allies and competitors is a necessity but not acceptable to spy on one's own population, without just cause. There are fairly effective laws that protect the privacy of citizens.

In totalitarian regimes and theocracies like China, Pakistan etc. there is no protection of privacy nor such rights.

China seeking to dominate the world and understanding the power of data and information has partnered with the same companies that America and other leading countries have used to develop their own spy networks. They now spy on everyone, every organisation and country using their communication devices like computers, smartphones, technology gear, storage devices, their software and Apps, etc. After all, forewarned is forearmed.

While democracies have used the intelligence with high amount of restraint, Countries like China use it without restraint and unethically all the time. They now track almost every individual of consequence in the world.

The world has grown fearful and exhausted by China's mercantilism and unrestricted warfare against all other countries, and humanity. Now the world led by India, America, Japan, Australia and the UK have gone on the counterattack.

They have initiated action to deny China and her allies, economic, technological, power and hence crush China's dreams of ruthless and inhuman global domination. A China who follows international laws, and respects others, a partner, not an overbearing overlord.

The rest of the world led by America has launched the 'Clean Network' initiative, where there is high level of safety and security for individual, organisational and national interests.

India has led the attack on Chinese telecom gear and applications (Apps), banning 177 popular Apps, like tik tok, pubg, WeChat etc.

America has taken the lead in most of the other areas, banning leading Chinese providers of information and communication technology infrastructure and devices such as  Huawei and  ZTE Taiwan, Japan and Korea are denying China the technology it needs to fulfil its ambitions of universal  information and surveillance control.

Countries like India need to do more than just ban Apps. They need to have a complete and efficient Clean Network which is Indian in innovation, design, ownership and management. An Indian Google, Indian servers etc. not only to service the needs of the Indian market but to replace China in cost and efficiencies without the trust deficit that now plagues China.

That is the great opportunity for both India and the world.

The frightening reality, is whatever we say or do, many people know way too much about us, our past  and our plans for the future.

Capitalistic democracies will simply rob us, but Communist China will not only rob us but also kill us.


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Guru Wonder
Guru Wonder
08 thg 9, 2020

The question Ishwar ji, is, 'what can we do about it?' Every problem and challenge represents an opportunity.


Very true. Fully agree Ishwar parmar

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