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Three simultaneous wars. Russia versus team Ukraine-EU-America

People and nations disagree all the time. Sometimes disagreements lead to quarrels but what would one do if repeatedly poked in the eye?

At first protest, then warn, then try to stop the belligerent in as civilised a manner as possible and when all fails, one would try to stop the offender by force. That is the war that is taking place right now between Russia and Ukraine.

The aggressors behind the scenes are America and Western Europe, the stick is Ukraine and the victim is Russia.

From 1985 (when Gorbachov came into power in the Soviet Union) until 2008 when NATO led by USA announced at the Bucharest summit that Ukraine & Georgia would be joining NATO, the West cannot name a single action that Russia has undertaken to threaten the West.

This begs the question, 'Then why does NATO want to bring missiles and offensive weapons right up to Russia's doorstep?'

War is never good, but a war to counter an existential threat is a justified war.

No war can be without casualties and the truth being the first. Civilians, homes, factories, infrastructure etc. are all going to be hurt and people even killed, worse maimed.

One need not speculate, one only has to read authentic history to learn how the USA and her allies have conducted themselves during WWII and thenceforth. People everywhere are generally good, it is the small group of people in finance, politics, big business, the military and the secret services who control and manage the narrative and the people blindly follow.

In comparison to that attempted annihilation and total destruction of other lands, people and cultures by America and her allies, the Russians in their efforts in Ukraine look almost saintly, if not like a stern parent, discipling a wayward child, with some physical punishment.

What is the nature of the conflict taking place between Russia on one side and the combined forces of Ukraine-EU-America on the other side?

There are 3 wars taking place simultaneously. They are

1. The media war

2. The financial war

3. The ground war.

1. The West and the Zelensky regime are doing a fantastic job in the sphere of media war Ukraine hopes to obtain weapons, and foreign troops, finance, EU membership, and gain sympathy. The Russians by comparison are hardly engaged in propaganda.

2. The financial war where a whole host of sanctions have been imposed on Russia with an idea to hurt Russian population and trigger a regime change in Moscow.

  • The Russian central bank and many leading banks have been sanctioned.

  • The forex reserves of Russia have been frozen

  • Russia has been cut off from the SWIFT (American controlled global financial payments system).

  • The rouble is being attacked to cause its value to plummet with the objective of causing hyper inflation and hence mass disturbances within Russia.

  • The giant US$ 11 billion recently completed Nord stream II gas pipeline that is supposed to meet Europe's current and future energy requirements from Russia to Germany has been unilaterally abandoned by Germany.

  • Numerous other offensive measures have been deployed.

All these actions taken by America and her allies will cause disruptions and generate severe headaches for Russia in the short to medium term.

It is shocking that these actions have been taken by arrogant political leadership contrary to the advice of their own bankers and industry. The truth is while they appear muscular and aggressive will inflict manifold greater harm to America and Europe.

America's own power, grip on the world of finance and the US$ will no longer remain the reserve currency. This will lower the standard of living of Americans actually driving them eventually to poverty.

The power of the American State will greatly diminish as countries turn away from the US$, Euro, Swiss franc etc as places to park safely their forex reserves. With little or no takers for their currency and bond issues, the value of the US$, Euro and other main currencies will drop significantly.

While Russia is a completely self-sufficient economy and can weather a great storm, for the Europeans it is impossible.

This conflict engineered by America, blindly and stupidly supported by Europe has doomed it to a path of terminal decline.

3. The ground war beyond any doubt is being decisively won by the Russians, as they have moved rapidly to take over Ukraine, at an incredible speed, with so few casualties to both themselves and to the Ukrainians. That is why they do not feel the need to go in for propaganda wars etc.

  • The inevitable fall of the Ukrainian government and armed forces by the Russians will be the swiftest in history and at very low cost in human, financial and resource terms.

  • FYI, the famous blitzkrieg of WWII took the Germans 36 days to capture half of Poland (the other half was captured by the Soviets). The Americans took 21 days to reach and destroy Baghdad in 2003, with forces 20 times greater and a budget 40 times larger.

  • The total strength of Ukrainian army is 250,000 including non combat soldiers, officers etc. The main fighting force of about 60,000 soldiers has been completely surrounded by the Russian army in Eastern Ukraine. It is only a matter of a short time the Ukrainian army will cave.

  • Without its army the collapse of the Zelensky led Ukrainian government is inevitable and will be accomplished within the next 10 days and no later than 30 days.

  • Then negotiations on addressing Russia's concerns with a successor government will be discussed and settled. Primarily they will consist of assurances of Ukrainian neutrality, recognition of Russia's ownership of Crimea and the recognition of the independent countries of DPR and LPR in Eastern Ukraine which border Russia.

My article is not about morality for there is no such thing in politics, war or in business, it is about retaining control of our own faculties and power of reasoning. I always examine the contrarian view and try to provide alternate perspectives and facts to my readers.

One does not have to like Putin, but he is worthy of respect and to be feared, because he is highly experienced, very knowledgable, intelligent, cunning, ruthless, hardworking, and a Russian nationalist.

This is much more than one can say about both current American and European leadership. They hate Putin, for he refuses to submit himself nor Russia to their ideas and plans. Putin is one of the great obstacles standing between them and their globalist agenda.

The globalists are a group of very powerful, highly influential individuals who have their counterparts in every country and region. They have the ability to use the wealth, power and prestige of nations to further their lust of global domination and control.

Globalists seek to prop up globalism a one size fits all system in a 'Rules based global order' which is mostly unjust and suppresses all those who are not part of the Globalist top club.

The war is not about Putin etc. It is a war of Globalism versus Nationalism. If Putin succeeds, this will be the end of the Globalist's world domination project and we will see the rise of a new world order. America and her allies and their people led by their noses on one side and Russia, China, Brazil and many other nationalist countries on the other side. India will walk a tightrope between the two world orders.


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