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Till the last Ukrainian

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We live in a world where there is a group of wealthy and powerful countries loosely called the 'Collective West'. They include America, Canada and Europe. Together they have 11% of the world's population and 35% of its GDP.

The 'Collective West' has between themselves constructed over a period of time a system of rules known as 'rules based world order', unduly favouring themselves and at the cost of the rest of the world.

The West implements these rules selectively to maintain their hegemony. Dissidence is not tolerated irrespective of a country's desire to pursue their own culture, values, dreams and methods.

Yet, because of the prestige and awe that America had inspired, for all its faults the order functioned reasonably well from 1948 (after World War II) until 1991(when the USSR dissolved). That is when some powerful and super wealthy people called 'Globalists' decided their time for total and complete global power could be realised.

Some Globalists are visible sitting at the helm of government and institutions, but the vast majority of these powerful and influential people remain invisible to the public.

The conflict in Ukraine is the latest and most prominent battlefield staged and driven by these Globalists from afar.

Centuries old fraternity of brothers, ethnic Russians and Ukrainians have been set against one another, individuals, families and organisations along with their assets are being ravaged. Where sweat and tears cannot stem the life blood from gushing out, there

the Globalists play.

The entire tragedy of the war is being portrayed as a great and noble war, but in reality a demonic charade.

Globalists primarily based in America and Europe have engineered this crisis. They are the ones pulling the levers of finance and the resources and wealth of their countries to set Ukraine upon the scaffold, to be dismembered and destroyed.

Since 1990 after the fall of USSR, the Globalists have pushed America to initiate and participate directly in more than a 100 recorded military unrestrained interventions across the world.

The Globalists are egging the Ukrainian leadership on, to do the West's bidding, assuring them of unlimited support to destroy Russia (and Ukraine itself).

Why Russia?

Russia being the second greatest obstacle to the Globalist's agenda of achieving global domination, power and control.

The Globalist's use various fig leafs, such as European values, democracy, freedom, integrity etc. (all untrue) to cover their true objective to break up and seize total control of Russia using Ukraine as the battering ram.

Sometimes however the fig leaf falls off and we discover the naked truth by the actions and utterances of various leaders in the West.

'We will fight Russia till the last Ukrainian' (The American Conservative magazine). This is the declared stand of American leaders and war hawks like Joe Biden, Anthony Blinken, Senator Lindsay Graham, John Bolton, etc.

In short this game of death and destruction, this War in Ukraine, is actually between Russia and America with the hyperactive and overenthusiastic participation of its frenetic Russo-phobic allies in Europe.

What is this game they are playing?

One can get a glimpse of it in the report 'Extending Russia' by the RAND Corporation) a very influential think tank (payed for by the American government) where the objectives and plans are clearly spelt out.

Like all complicated and dangerous games, there are games within games full of intriguing and demonic agendas and players. Enough to produce an entire book to explain it all.

The main players are America (and its European allies) versus Russia and its supporters.

America wants to bleed Russia by a thousand cuts and and denude it of its military and economic strength. To destroy all opposition to the interests of the collective West.

Whereas Russia ravaged and humiliated after the dissolution of the USSR with a desire for self preservation and to regain a semblance of dignity, and global influence of which it is rightly deserving and formerly had.

America staged an illegal regime change in Ukraine in 2014, to literally own it and make it hostile to Russia. Then America began to convert Ukraine into a formidable fighting force defended within a fortress.

Over past 7 years, Ukraine witnessed the following,

When in 2008 the collective West announced its intent to induct Ukraine into NATO, the alarm bells rang in Moscow. The objections of the Russians to NATO housing nuclear weapons in Ukraine a mere 5 minutes flight time from Moscow, was unacceptable. However a supremely overconfident and arrogant NATO simply brushed the objections aside.

America learning from its own mistakes and that of USSR's intervention in Afghanistan, formulated a strategy. Not to have a quick decisive conflict between Russia and Ukraine but deploy a long running conflict that would impoverish and bleed Russia to the point of collapse. That Ukraine would be wrecked is of no concern to the Globalists and the collective West.

So after the launch of Russia's Special Military Operation in Feb 2022, Ukraine has been constantly financed, armed and resupplied bit by bit by NATO, enough to survive and keep fighting, provide insufficient weaponry and ammunition, denied state of the art equipment, etc. to fight a superior well equipped and economically and militarily prepared Russia. Ukraine can only bleed Russia not destroy it whilst itself being destroyed bit by bit.

The West on their part would,

  • Finance Ukraine in the the war.

  • Economically attack Russia to deny it the possibility to use its own funds and income.

  • Discredit and isolate Russia from the world community.

  • Weaponise Ukraine to the extreme and let them fight Russia for as long as it takes.

  • Deploy NATO experts, commanders, satellites, to provide back end support to Ukraine.

Based on conventional practices the American military game plan is as follows.

  • An attacking army needs to be at least 3 times larger than the defenders to prevail. So to decisively defeat Ukraine, Russia would need to deploy nearly its entire army of 1.35 million men and more to take on the 300,000 active fighting force of Ukraine.

  • Typically in war, the kill ratio (deaths from the conflict) hovers between 0.8 to 1.2 for one side as compared to the opponent, so if 300,000 Ukrainians die then they would take out between 240,000 to 360,000 Russians.

  • Next consider the injured which is typically 3 men are injured for every one killed then the Ukrainians would lose about 900,000 men whilst the Russians would likely lose between a million and 1.5 million.

  • Huge finances will have been expended for this war and the financial load would crush Russia.

When both parties, Ukraine and Russia would have exhausted themselves, America and Europe would march in triumphantly as peacekeepers into Kiev and Moscow. The Globalists will then swoop down and with the help of their local Oligarch friends and partners to completely own and control both Russia and Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine could thus be conquered for the Globalists, at a nominal cost of US$ 100 billion (paid for by the taxpayers in the collective West) to seize US$ 50 trillion of Russian wealth mainly available as exploitable commodities, oil and gas, industry and infrastructure. That too without directly getting involved or losing any of the West's own forces.

Now that is indeed a plan so devious and evil that only the Globalists could have crafted it. People may freeze and starve in Europe, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere in the world, but the Globalists will never ever backtrack. That is why there is unprecedented and illogical support for war rather than peace.

This why I am not in favour of supporting Ukraine to sacrifice itself, but to make peace. To escape the machinations of the Globalists, take the olive branch to save itself and save us all.


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