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Ukraine Fatigue after its failed counteroffensive

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Denying, impoverishing and destroying people and civilisations in the name of some obscure higher good is the oldest scam in the world.

So it is with the Ukrainian conflict. Money goes from the taxes of people to the arms industry and their related businesses through the lawmakers in the name of saving a collapsing Ukraine. Doing everything except talk to find a solution.

Ukraine is the pawn of the West. If it succeeds in the conflict, the West will get a defeated Russia on a platter. If Ukraine fails it would still result in a degraded and indebted Russia which will become an easier picking sometime in the near future.

Ukraine is being destroyed, its infrastructure wrecked and its people fleeing the land. The much vaunted Counteroffensive over 67 days has yielded nothing inspite of the death of over 43,000 and injured countless more trained men and the loss of 3814 pieces of major equipment. The Ukrainians have so far failed to cross even the grey zone (an area before the first of three layers of the Russian defences).

Everyone loves a winner and despises a loser. The rising despair amongst the leadership and people in the West bearing the brunt of the staggering costs of supporting the Ukraine conflict is causing 'Ukraine Fatigue'. Zelensky is trapped from all sides, the cajoling American led West prodding him, the unrelenting Russian forces in front and with hardcore rightwing extremists (Neo Nazi) within his army and government threatening to kill him and his team should the Zelensky regime even consider some form of 'off ramp' (an exit solution) to the conflict.

Zelensky the puppet to secure his position and ill-gotten wealth and that of his coterie has thrust Ukraine towards unnecessary destruction and death.

As the prospects of Ukrainian victory dim and the Russians advance further West and South something has to give, the world will soon witness a resolution to the conflict. It will either be a peaceful one, if saner minds prevail, or we will see an escalation by the West. Escalation will most likely lead to a global conflict which will damage and consume our world so badly that the previous world wars will pale in comparison.

I wonder why we call them superpowers, if all they seem to do is push the world on a path of exploitation and destruction?


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