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We are human, not God.

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

We are frequently informed that modernity has made life better, and given us much to feel happy about.


Excitement and tension in abundance, but happiness and peace not much.

Material comforts may have increased tremendously, but so has mental stress along with emotional and spiritual sickness. The body is abused, the mind wavers and wanders aimlessly and the spirit lies deep asleep in darkness. Science and technology have delivered to humanity great gifts of medicine and material prosperity. Unfortunately, prosperity tends to make us arrogant and disrespectful. We forget we are human and come to believe we are gods. When we believe we are like gods, we can either blossom into the Divine or we can regress into darkness. Generally speaking we have been disrespectful not only of ourselves, but also of Humanity and Creation so we have been regressing. We live unnaturally, disrespecting, destroying, consuming or damaging everything we can in nature, just for the heck of it. The law of Karma applies to everyone. Simply put, 'Whatever goes around comes around'. Law of Karma states, every action will produce consequences related to that action. If we disrespect we will be disrespected, if we destroy we will be destroyed. Life as we humans know, had almost come to a total standstill, thanks to the latest crisis of COVOD-19 Coronavirus and its fallout.

But crisis like this have happened before.  We have to remember each time it happens that,

In a conflict between humans and nature, humans lose and nature always wins. In any cooperation between humans and nature, humans always win.


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1 Comment

Draw Draw
Draw Draw
Jan 16, 2022

Nice article. it is quite true that we see in current time.

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